Sunday 28 July 2019

When is the Best Time to Start Your Garden?

Starting a garden serves to be one of the most rewarding experiences. Whether you plan for flowers or a vegetable garden, you can have a beautiful abode. But it may be a little difficult to start if you don’t know the basics. 

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The tips I'm sharing here will ease your gardening experience and will reward you with delicious flavours, colourful flowers and more. You can even take advice or help from landscape gardeners Essex to know the best time to start your garden.

Consider the best time

When it comes to deciding the best time for a garden, spring and early summers are the best times. This is the perfect time to sow seeds, fill the gaps and clean up the area. The best time to plan is the end of summers/autumn or early winters. This way, the soil is warm and the plants are getting ready to wind down. The days are relatively shorter, the plants get some time to settle, the sun is cool and thus the plants can establish themselves properly before they need reawakening in spring.

Which plants to grow?

Now that there are plastic pots for many plant varieties like grasses, smaller trees, shrubs, perennials etc, they can easily be planted all through the year, expect for the time when the ground is solid hard and frozen. The only problem with planting in summer or spring is that you will have to water more as the plants are growing and haven’t developed extra roots. The newly bought plants are very good in shape and are healthy. So in all, the new plants will not perish from pests or diseases in the first year.

Also, when planning to start a garden, consider the options. Do you want to have an herb garden or a flower garden or a vegetable garden? In case you choose herbs and/or vegetable garden, identify the veggies your family eats or is willing to. At the same time, if you need flowers, consider the fragrance, colour you want. Also consider whether you want the annuals that bloom in summers but have to be replanted every spring or the perennials that have short bloom time but they come back after a year. All these are valid choices but have differing garden maintenance requirements. PS: start small as you start till the time you are not sure of what and when to do.

Know the basics

Some plants are available only at some particular times. Shrubs and bare root trees are just like they sound, they are grown outside, in the ground and are dug up without soil. All this can take place in dormant season i.e. from late autumn to late winter. The root balled plants grow outdoors and they dug up with ball of soil and are wrapped in hessian. The larger plants have their roots kept together in wire cage. These plants are shrubs and trees that can be dug in dormant season though they can be planted in summers. But it is best to plan them just after digging because this will allow them to actually settle in properly without the need to water them for several months.

As you get to know the best time to start a garden, it is time to secure the growing supplies. If you wish to start your plants from the seeds, go to reliable seed suppliers. Also if you run low on mineral blend etc, you can check out at these suppliers and restock. After you have the essential things to get started, it is important to clear the ground and make the soil ready for plantation.

Get rid of sod - or turf, the part of the soil beneath it held together by its roots or another piece of thin material - that covers the area you wish to plant. For quick results, just try to cut it all out. Slice under the sod with the help of a spade, cut the sod in various parts to make it easy to remove, put it on the compost pile and decompose.

So, after knowing all these basics, you will see that you feel confident about growing your own plants and starting your garden. Plants grow quickly and they respond to good care. Just after 2-3 months of planting, you will be able to pick delicious and beautiful produce, with some extra as well to share with family, friends and neighbours. Get started and know the best time to start your garden and you will have bountiful rewards in no time.


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