Tuesday 6 August 2019

Baby essentials - what do you really need and things I wouldn’t be without

When you’re having a baby, if you’re anything like me, you look up and read up on everything there is for your incoming bundle of joy. There’s so much to take in and understand and learn, and so to there’s a ton of things you can buy to help with every little stage and aspect of bringing a newborn into the world.

But what do you really need? Like, really?!

Two babies in, and I can tell you that you don’t need as much as you think. Although from my experience, the only way that you can work this out is actually trying things out when baby is here and seeing what works for you.

Speaking with friends and family is a great first stop to see what they found to be useful, then read as many blogs and websites as you can to see what’s out there. Create lists, if that’s your thing, and plan what you think you’ll need then see if you can try before you buy, like at a show or visiting a store, and finesse your wish list. 

Focus on the core areas of feeding, sleeping, wearing and travelling - possibly playing too, if you want to be prepared for the months ahead - and pick things that suit your style, the way you think you’ll handle things and of course, your budget.

The first time around, I was led a bit more by my heart, and we certainly didn’t need all the bits and pieces we had. This time with Sullivan, we’ve reused some things and rethought others.

Here’s a few things that over the past six months, we have found to be oh so useful...

Poddle Pod / Sleepyhead style sleeping cushion - we got one from Aldi during one of their baby events for a fraction of the price and wouldn't have been without it, right up until Sullivan was around four months old. He found it really comfortable and it was a secure way to let him rest next to us, whilst saving our arms.

A nappy caddy - so you can take it around the house with you and keep everything to hand. I am a brand partner with Nested Fox and love their big, multi pocket nappy caddies which come in a range of beautiful prints (note: I'm under no obligation to share them in this post).

A roll up changing organiser - couldn’t think of what to call this but essentially I picked up a changing mat and nappy organiser that rolls up, so you have sections to store nappies, wipes etc plus a detachable changing mat. I got it from Aldi and it goes in my changing bag and means I can just grab the one thing out when changing Sullivan out and about and it’s all accessible. It’s been fantastic.

Basket / drawer organisers for baby clothes, organising according to clothing type and size - so you can easily see what you have and find what you need.

A rocking bedside cot from birth - that rocking motion can be just what you need to send them off sometimes.

Muslin cloths - both my boys loved theirs as a comforter / teether, as well as being used for milk clean ups.

Baby snug seat - we bought this Mamas and Papas seat second hand but it’s proving indispensable again second time around. We use it instead of a high chair as you can put it on the floor or a coffee / dining table for ease, and it’s great for baby to develop their sitting strength, and they can play on it too.

A jumperoo - an absolute must! Ethan loves his and Sullivan just thinks it’s the best - he’s even fallen asleep in it. You can use it from six months or from when baby can hold their head up confidently. It’s big, but it’s brilliant, keeping baby happy and giving you a moment to get something done whilst knowing baby is secure.

But if there was one thing I had to pick to pass on to any expectant parent, it would be this...

Baby sensory video - fruit disco! Every time we play it, without fail, it captures Sullivan’s attention. He can be upset in the car or having a spell of teething so if we ever need to calm him down or grab a moment to get some milk, we pop this on and it works its magic. Trust me, this video  has special powers!

What things did you find particularly useful in the first few months of having a baby? What could you not live without?

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