Friday 23 August 2019

How to Create a Cosy Autumn Living Room for on a Budget

As much as we don’t like to admit, the summer is running into its final few weeks and autumn is firmly on the horizon. But while the temperature outside might drop, you can still enjoy cosy nights in blocking out the colder autumn nights without having to spend a fortune.

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The living room is the centre piece of every home and we’ve put together some great ideas so you can create a cosy autumn living room on a budget.

Retain the heat
What is a cosy living room without enough heat? Keeping the heat in should be first on the list of things to do. If you don’t have carpet, getting in one or two cheap rugs will help. Windows are a big culprit and you can buy filler or sealers to block out any draughts. If you can afford to get longer or thicker curtains (or both) this will also help stop the living room from getting nippy.

Raising the cash
If you are on a low income it can prove difficult to find the cash you need to make the changes you want to your living room. There are a great number of short-term loans available that can give you quick access to money you can spend on your living room. Remember, always ensure they are FCA registered, ensure you can afford the repayments and get the best deal possible on interest.

Change the lighting
The sun will be setting much earlier, which means relying on unnatural light for longer. To create a really cosy living room this autumn, choose lighting that reflects the tone of the room. Lamps are great for creating a warm, soft ambience that will make you want to curl up on the sofa all evening and not worry the weather outside.

Add a lick of paint
Painting on another layer to the living room walls is a cheap but very effective way of making it feel more cosy. Don’t go for bold, strong colours. Instead opt for neutral tones like warm creams or softer whites. When balanced with lamps and even some candles, it can really create a cosy little den you’ll never want to leave.

Add in some throws
Textured throws are a really quick and cheap way to add some luxurious comfort to the room. If putting them on a 3 or 4 seater gets too messy, consider using them on your favourite armchair. You can make it your spot in the evening, so when everything is done for the day you can sink into the plush, relaxing throw without a care in the world.

Buy some plants
Adding a bit of greenery to the living room not only improves the quality of the air but it makes the space feel more comfortable and natural too. There are plenty of easy-to-manage house plants you can buy without spending too much, so you don’t have to be a gardening expert to keep them in good condition.


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