Thursday 22 August 2019

The Three-Month Sleep Transition

Moses baskets can be a massive help during the first months of any baby’s life. For one, they allow you to put your little one beside you no matter where you are. And, of course, the confined interior of baskets like these helps to encourage positive sleep routines. * Collaborative post

At around three months, though, you may find that your youngster starts to outgrow this sleeping arrangement. Though you might be reluctant to admit it, babies grow fast. By the time they reach this age, they’re not even classified as newborns anymore, and moses baskets are definitely a newborn game. If you notice they’re lifting themselves already, sticking with a basket is actually dangerous. That’s why you should be sure to consider the dreaded cot. 

As with any change, suddenly dumping your baby in a cot will never work. All you’ll get out of such hasty action is more sleepless nights. Instead, you should transition your baby from one to the other, and we’ve got a few pointers to help you do it.

Double up

Often, the sheer act of sleeping in a cot can seem overwhelming to your baby. Not only does it mean losing the comforting snugness of their moses basket, but it also involves high sides and a different room view. Before dumping them right in the cot, then, it’s worth putting their moses basket itself inside the cot while they nap. This may seem strange, but the familiarity of the moses basket can really help them to ease into the new and unfamiliar sleep setting. That alone makes it more likely that they’ll continue to sleep through after the full transition.

Focus on similar sensations

Baby’s like what they know, so focusing on sensations during this change can also be useful. Before the move, buy blankets and even a moses basket fitted sheet to get your baby used to the sensation of sleeping in a made bed. During the transition, make sure to swaddle them or even pad their cot with rolled towels to mimic the sensation of safety they got from their basket. These may seem like small steps, but believe us when we say that they can go a considerable way towards minimizing the disruption of this significant change.

Take it one change at a time

Many parents experience issues here because moving into a cot also means moving into a new room. That’s too much for any baby to handle, and it’s no wonder if sleep patterns go out the window as a result. Instead of letting yourself in for sleepless nights, make sure you take it one change at a time. Give your baby a chance to settle into their own room in their moses basket before considering that cot. Or, bring their cot into your room if you have space and worry about the room change later. This keeps disruption down as much as possible and, when paired with our other pointers, it should ensure you’re all sleeping soundly again in no time. 


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