Friday 1 November 2019

SnOw much fun at Snowdome, Tamworth

Can you believe, none of us have ever been to the Snowdome in Tamworth, despite living just 30 minutes away and it being a really popular West Midlands attraction? Having visited last week, I can't believe that we haven't visited before as it's fabulous family fun.

* Review - gifted tickets

The Snowdome transports you at any time of year to the depths of winter, with several snow experiences under one roof, plus climbing and swimming pool activities too. It's a vast place that has different areas to visit depending on what you're doing during your visit, and I liked the fact that you can create your ideal day by doing individual activities or booking a few together to make the most of your visit, and to save money too.

Being our first visit, we were keen to have fun on the slopes with the tobogganing, followed by some snow play. 

When we arrived, we got checked in then wrapped up in our winter warmers and headed downstairs to watch the health and safety briefing. Stephen and Ethan grabbed their toboggan and headed up on the escalator to enjoy the ride down the big slope together, whilst Sullivan and I watched for them from the observation balcony with Sullivan bundled up in blankets (you can also stay in the warm and watch from the Aspen bar).

Over the next 30 minutes, they managed to enjoy six tobogganing trips and it looked so much fun from where I was standing - which they reassured me it was.

We headed into the Aspen bar for some food and to warm up, whilst Ethan excitedly told me all about how he loved the experience. There's a good selection of food, reasonably priced, and we all enjoyed our meals. The Bratwurst and the BBQ pulled pork and apple sauce bun are highly recommended by us!

It was my turn to have some winter fun, so Ethan and I headed into the Lodge for our Snowplay time slot. Surrounded by the ice rink, the Snowplay area features a wooden lodge, small slope and sledges in a snow filled playground space. You can throw snowballs, pull your child along on a sledge, use a digger to scoop up snow or slide down a snow slope on a round inflatable rubber seat. Like the tobogganing, we had a 30 minute session and were able to pack in several slips down the slope and lots of fun enjoying the winter environment, whilst Daddy and Sullivan watched us from the warmth.

To delay our return to summer outside, we headed to the large in-house Starbucks for hot chocolates. I was quite content to stay in the Snowdome for a long time - bring on winter, I say!

It was such a fun and unique family day out. We don't really get a great deal of snow in this country and being able to enjoy snow themed activities all year round is really novel and you quickly feel yourself becoming a big kid all over again. I can only imagine how magical it is at Christmas...

The best way to visit Snowdome is to pick up a day ticket, so you can enjoy a host of the experiences for the best price.

  • Toboggan day tickets get you a fun packed day of tobogganing, flume & inflatable swimming and ice skating. Plus, you save £2.40 per person by buying all the activities in a package. Juniors £19.70, adults £20.70.
  • Climb day tickets get you a fun packed day of climbing, flume & inflatable swimming and ice skating. Plus, you save £2.40 per person by buying all the activities in a package. Juniors £21.70, adults £22.70.
  • Snowplay is a separate activity which costs £7.95 for a junior and £3.95 for an adult.
  • All activities can be purchased separately; tobogganing and ice-skating for instance cost £8.95 per person, per session.

Snowdome was really SnOw much fun, and will definitely be somewhere we will visit again.

Take a look at more photos and videos from our visit to Snowdome over on my Instagram page - there's a special highlight saved on my Stories all about it!

* Our visit was gifted by Snowdome but all opinions expressed remain our own.


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