Monday 19 August 2019

Why Vaping Vitamins is the Latest Health Trend

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If you have not heard the term “vaping” by now, it is consuming e-cigarettes fused with various flavours using vape devices. Vaping has become very popular in recent times, especially for the millennial generation. Its popularity can be attributed to scientific reports citing that vaping is a better alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

At first, vaping was only popular in the US, but now its popularity has spread globally. Companies operating in the wellness niche do not want to be left behind, either. They intend to exploit the opportunities brought about by the hype that surrounds vaping. They have already designed vaporizers that allow you inhale vitamins and other crucial oils and supplements.
For a while now, vaping has been associated with using highly addictive nicotine-fused e-liquids, but wellness companies are supposedly bringing vape technology that is good for you. The e-liquids contain vitamins like D and B12 as opposed to nicotine. This has been viewed as the latest health trend.

Developments to enhance health
Nobody dislikes an invention that is aimed at globally improving people’s health. For a while now, vaping has been used as a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Combustion of regular cigarettes was found to produce chemical substances that are very harmful to your health.
Vaping was introduced as a safer option of using nicotine while eliminating the dangers associated with traditional cigarettes. The vape juice used was even further enhanced with different flavours. Now that the trend has become more popular, wellness companies are trying to turn the consumption of e-cigs into something beneficial to health.
The recent innovations mean that you can take vitamins in vapour form and not in the regular manner of pills and injections. Imagine taking vitamins in the form of a smoke puff. Interesting, isn't it?

How does vitamin vaping work?
We are used to people vaping cigarettes. Now there is a new substance: vitamin e-liquid. Just like a normal vape, vitamin e-liquids are heated by a vape device and inhaled in vapour form. Companies that produce this type of e-liquid argue that vaping is the most effective way of using vitamins.
Companies like VitaStick and Breathe argue that through vaping, you can take a higher vitamin dose quickly and at a more affordable price. Wellness is now just about a puff or two.
Just like the normal vaping, there are no conclusive studies that indicate whether vitamin vaping is harmful to your health. There is no guarantee that inhaling vapour full of amino acids and vitamins is safe, but that does not imply it is not safe, either. Studies are now being conducted before vitamin vaping is widely adopted.

Potential benefits
You might need supplements in your body, but you have digestive problems. Theoretically, vaping will be the best way in which you can take these supplements. Wellness companies producing vitamin e-liquids even state that the absorption rate of vitamin vapour is very high. Basically, if you have a problem with oral supplements, then this trend is a solution for you.
We have seen vaping help millions of smokers quit smoking. Some countries have even made the use of e-cigarettes legal in an effort to curb smoking. It is now only a matter of time before we see a widespread acceptance of vitamin vaping.


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