Tuesday 17 September 2019

Deliciously Healthy Homemade Snack Ideas

Finding yourself hungry between meals can be challenging, considering the most popular snacking options are generally drenched with calories. However, there are several delicious healthy options out there that you will simply love. Rather than arguing the worth of a slice of cake or forcing yourself away from a bag of crisps, you should consider trying these decidedly decadent healthy snacks that are also incredibly easy to prepare.

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Oatmeal And Raisin Cookies

If you enjoy making cookies, you should definitely try switching up your ingredients to bake some nutritious oatmeal and raisin cookie. What's great about making your own baked treats is that you have the power to decide what goes into them whereas store-bought alternatives are often loaded with preservatives and unhealthy additives; not to mention the staggering calorie count. By replacing butter with corn oil, you will be able to reduce the saturated fat content significantly. Oatmeal and raisins are surprisingly healthy as they are packed with fibre and other nutrients.

Chicken Skin Crisps

Even though you may be under the impression that chicken skin is terrible for you, quite the opposite is accurate. Even though you should avoid overdoing it with this snack, grilling a few pieces of fresh chicken skin until golden brown and crispy can replace regular crisps for a healthier alternative. Chicken skin contains a good source of unsaturated fat, and by adding a bit of seasoning before grilling, you will have a perfectly nutritionally delicious snack for when hunger strikes between meals. This snack is also a great solution to chicken leftovers.

Granola Bars

While you should avoid indulging in store-bought granola bars as they often do not contain wheat germ, which most people lack in their diets, making your own is a fantastic idea. Most recipes aren't tricky at all, and the results are incredibly delicious. Even though preparing a few may take a while, you could set aside one day to make a substantial amount and store them for the rest of the week. These tasty snacks can contain a vital source of fibre, vitamin E, and several other necessary nutrients. 

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes are incredibly healthy, more so than regular potatoes, which is why sweet potatoes fries may be the ultimate snack. However, to effectively indulge in this mouthwatering snack time treat, you should use olive oil rather than regular oil as the way you cook is ultimately as important as what you cook.

Nutty Dark Chocolate Clusters

Chocolate lovers will be pleased to know that there is a healthy snack out there that is made mostly with chocolate. Considering quality dark chocolate is by far the healthiest choice for a chocolate treat, adding a few of your favourite nuts into the mix is excellent for flavor and for your health. The nutty content will also ensure you can feel full until meal time arrives.

Avocado Drizzled With Lime

There's a good reason almost everyone is so obsessed with avo. Considering avo is not just considered an incredibly nutritious superfood, but it also seems to partner perfectly with nearly anything. What's more, it is possibly one of the healthiest and easiest snacks to prepare. Drizzle a bit of lime on top, and you will likely have found your new favorite snack.


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