Thursday 24 October 2019

8 Ideas For Family Days Out This Autumn

The Summer holidays are often the focus for many parents planning days out with the family. In the Autumn, we often retreat indoors, swapping outside fun for days in front of the television. The Autumn can actually be a great time for lots of fun activities for all the family, so get the coats out and head off for a great trip. 

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  1. Visit a pumpkin patch. This is a classic Autumn day out. Visit a farm with a pumpkin patch and let the children choose some pumpkins for carving at Halloween. You can get some great autumnal photos of the children too, and help them learn about a food they might not know much about. Choose your pumpkin, take it home for carving, and use the flesh for some pumpkin based recipes. 
  2. Visit a children's farm. Farm parks aren’t just for spring visits. The animals will still be interesting to see and learn about, and many of these parks host a lot of fun activities for Autumn too.  
  3. Go looking for conkers. Take a walk in the countryside, wrapped up warm, and get some fresh air. You can enjoy the colours of the season and send the children in search of conkers. When you find some, thread them with string and have some conker battles in the garden. You could also try using them for some craft projects.
  4. Look for a local fireworks display. Teach your children the story of Guy Fawkes, and seek out a fireworks display near you for bonfire night. You can have fun with sparklers, enjoy the show and toast marshmallows in the fire for a fun family night out. 
  5. Go for a walk in the forest. Forests are beautiful in autumn as the leaves change colour. They’re also another great spot for family photos. Encourage the kids to throw leaves into the air and get snapping, for some colourful, fun pictures you’ll treasure. A forest walk is good exercise and a nice way to get some fresh air after some days cooped up in the house. 
  6. Learn about bats. Autumn is the beginning of mating season for bats, so it can be a good time to see them. These fascinating animals are sure to interest children, especially around Halloween. See if there’s an organised walk near you where you might be able to see them, or put a bat box up in the garden to attract them to your garden. 
  7. Build a hedgehog house. Hedgehogs will be starting to look for somewhere cosy to spend the winter. Build a hedgehog house for the garden and learn together what these prickly creatures might like. 
  8. Collect pinecones. While you’re out and about, collect up some pinecones. Pinecones are great for autumn craft projects. Paint them and turn them into Christmas tree decorations or use them for projects like making a bird feeder for the garden. They can even be used for some fun printing to make some artwork that the kids can display in their rooms. 

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