Wednesday 23 October 2019

Why contract hire could be your shortcut to a luxury car

Do you have a range rover taste but a Nissan budget? Luxury car hire might be the answer. The ads you see all over the newspapers and TV for low monthly leases on high-end cars are real. Dealers in luxury cars have discovered people want high-end cars without owning them. 
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If having a prestigious car matters to you or you do not have a plan on keeping a vehicle for more than three years, and you dislike the process of trading in a car, then you should explore getting a luxury car on contract hire.

1.   Pay less and drive big

For most people, the image they portray is essential. You already dress the part; all you want is for the car you are driving to match up. Contract hire and leasing of a luxury car will accord you this privilege without denting your pockets. The cost of hiring a high-end vehicle for three years is lower than buying a less impressive car through monthly payments.

2.   The warranty covers you from expensive repairs

One of the benefits of leasing a vehicle is not having to worry about repairs. They are usually covered by warranty, therefore, saving you a lot of money you could have spent in the garage. The factory warranty guarantees you quality servicing of your vehicle when there is need.

3.   Enjoy driving a new car sooner than later

If you choose to lease your luxury cars instead of buying them, you end up driving new vehicles often. Because the lease usually expires after three years, you can hire a different car and get to enjoy something new. The best type of contract is one that is up to 48 months while the warrant is still in effect. You will have lesser issues to deal with when returning the car.

4.     Have more options instead of obligation

When your lease is up, take the vehicle back to the dealer. He will assess its condition and write a report. If the car is not damaged and the wear and tear is on the minimum, then the car is off your hands. Having a short lease ensures the car is not worn out when you return it, and the expenses are low.

5.     Refine your taste in cars

As compared to someone who has bought a car and has to finance it for approximately seven years, with leasing you have more options. Over time you acquire a taste in luxury cars and become a more discerning motorist because of the unique vehicles you have gotten to drive. You are better acquainted to different cars and have some knowledge of what is in the market.

Many people do not get to explore different cars because of misconceptions on car leasing. Contract hire of luxury vehicles is the surest way to enjoy high-end cars without crippling your bank account. It is flexible and costs less while letting you reap the maximum benefits of a luxury car. 


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