Tuesday 15 October 2019

Family time at The Hazelwell #review

We love to dine out as a family and we're not fancy, we just look for somewhere that's welcoming, serves a good range of food to suit everyone and at a good price (plus places that have colouring or other activities to keep Ethan amused are always a winner!).

And the other week, we found just that at The Hazelwell - a Sizzling pub in Stirtchley, Birmingham.

#AD -gifted

We went along after school, all four of us, with hungry bellies and looking forward to some family time and a change of pace from the usual frantic dinner preparing that goes on when I fly in the door from work. We had such a warm welcome from the pub's manager, Claire, and she could honestly not do enough for us. It wasn't just us either; we could see how her hospitality extended to all guests, many being regulars, and she really made us feel at home.

Ethan was given a selection of drinks to choose from when he couldn't make up his mind, and he was given an activity sheet and range of colours that kept him very happy.

That gave us some time to read through the menu, and we really needed it as there is a lot on offer. Sizzling pubs are well known for their sizzling plates, with steaks and other items from the grill available. Hubs and I both fancied a steak, with scampi on the side and bourbon sauce - it's very rare that we go for the same thing but I know from past experience that the steak is always good.

We also decided that the starter plates were too good to pass up - maybe our eyes would be bigger than our bellies, but we were willing to give it a shot!

Ethan went for one of the bargain children's meals - £4.99 for over 5's for a main, drink and pudding - and it wasn't long before our starter was coming out. The halloumi fries were great ad we'd definitely recommend those, as were the tempura prawns and battered mushrooms. I really like picky foods like this and we were very pleased with our choices.

The main event came sizzling out on skillets, with both our steaks cooked as we like them (I like mine well done - I know many people would disagree, but you really get a nice chargrill flavour). The scampi was lovely and the steak and sauce went down well with us both, but the chips had me beaten so I didn't quite get to the end.

Ethan ate almost everything on his plate, starting with his veggies, and we thought the portion was just right for a boy like him, who is always hungry.

Claire convinced us to make it a hat trick and go for a pudding. There was no arguing from Ethan, and hubs was in agreement too, so I joined it. Would have been rude not to.

Ethan has an ice cream whipped up for him, with a wafer as per his request, and then Ste chose chocolate orange pudding and custard, and both were very happy when they arrived. I opted for the pink gin slice as it looked very tempting and, well, gin! It was very sweet, with a biscuit base and lots of texture. It was too much for me after everything else, but it was nice to try something different.

With a couple of drinks each and all of this food, I was amazed when our total bill hadn't reached £50 - we had eaten well and had no complaints.

The Hazelwell has a homely feel to it, really helped by the attentive staff team, and there were several seasonal events being promoted too, including family friendly Halloween parties. They have done well to create a personal feel to what is a pub that's part of a big chain, and for the choice and price alone, it is well worth a visit. And a return visit too.

The Hazelwell, 
Pineapple Road, Birmingham, B30 2RS

Open 11am-11pm weekdays.

* We were gifted our meal in return for an honest review.


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