Friday 13 December 2019

Choosing the right moving company for you

If you’re planning a big move across the country, it’s a great idea to hire the services of a moving company. Why? Movers will take the stress and hassle of moving off your shoulders.

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Instead, you can focus on your family and the excitement of moving to a new home and city. Your items will also be professionally handled. No more worrying about that well-meaning but clumsy friend dropping your grandmother’s china.
So how do you choose a long-distance moving company that’s right for your family? Read on for the best tips in the industry.

Licensed and Insured

What’s the most critical requirement for a moving company? They must be licensed, bonded, and insured. Why is this important? It will protect you from scammers who want to make a quick buck.
Unlicensed movers are operating illegally. They’ll have no coverage should their truck break down or a worker hurt himself when lifting your box. Professional movers will have insurance to cover accidents, their workers, and their equipment.
If they aren’t licensed, they are not a legitimate company and they can sue you for any damages incurred in the moving process. Should they damage your goods, you’ll be unable to file an insurance claim against them.

Detailed Quotes and Contracts

When asking a moving company for quotes, you should expect several things to occur:
  1. They will physically show up at your house to determine the amount of space needed for your possessions.
  2. They will draw up a quote based on their estimation of space, time, cost, and distance.
The quote you receive should be thorough and detailed, pinpointing how much space, time, labor, and mileage is covered in your cost estimate.
They should also include any extra expenses they believe necessary and optional add-ons they offer. A quote sheet that only lists a dollar amount is not an appropriate quote.
Similarly, contracts should be detailed down to the last mile. Read it carefully and be sure no lingering questions exist.
Important information has been left out of your contract, do not sign it! Ask for your agreement to be re-written. If a company hesitates to fulfill your request, look for a different company.
When asking for a quote or eventually signing a contract, most companies will not ask for a large deposit upfront, and no company will ask for it in cash. If your company asks for a cash deposit, this is a huge red flag.

Experience, Reviews, and Referrals

Experience is everything when it comes to the moving business. Movers who have been in business for decades will be more organized, professional, and quicker than a company that started this year. In general, the more experience, the better your move.
When movers have been around for several years, they’ve had time to build up a reputation. Read through reviews. Check good and bad comments, realizing companies cannot please anyone. If red flags show up in reviews, strike the company off your list and move to the next.
If you have family and friends who have completed a long-distance move, ask what companies they used. Referrals are often the best way to score a professional company that will do the job right.
If your family loved their company, chances are, you will, too.

Options are Plentiful

The number of moving companies can be quite overwhelming. By following these tips, you’ll be able to hire a company of qualified, licensed, and professional movers. Remember, this is your life. You want people to treat your move as if they were moving their friends or family.
Now that you’re equipped with the know-how needed to hire your own movers, do you have a company in mind?


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