Monday 6 January 2020

Baby boy bedroom makeover, with feature mural wallpaper

We've lived in our new house for two months now, which has both flown and also been enough time for us to see in our first Christmas here and get pretty settled. We were on a mission to get most things unpacked and sorted away, with new furniture in place, by December and we managed it - although I did add a couple of new bits in just in time for new year, just when Stephen thought we were done with flat packs!

A priority for us when we moved was to make sure both our boys had their bedrooms sorted out. We wanted both rooms to feel homely and to have everything organised so we and they could use these spaces properly as soon as possible.

Starting with Sullivan's room, with him just turning one year old, sorting his room was more for our benefit. We liked the mix of blue and grey painted walls in his bedroom, which is a smaller room but has beautiful slopes towards the window and has such a nice feel to it. We didn't feel the need to overhaul the whole thing, and opted instead to make our mark with mural wallpaper.

It couldn't have been better timing when Murals Wallpaper, a refreshingly modern feature wallpaper company with a stunning collection of children's wallpaper, reached out about working together, and I was so excited when I started browsing their designs as there's such a great selection and lots of bold, fun and colourful prints to choose from.

Given the slope to the main wall, I decided that the Summit Lime nursery mountain wallpaper design would be perfect for emphasising this feature in the room. I loved the bold graphic style and injection of colour, and thought it would make a real impact.

With this in mind, I then decided that we'd need a new two by four Kallax unit, in grey wood (£55), to store Sullivan's books and toys, plus a chest of drawers (£50) and a new chair (all Ikea) to add to his room, as it's more spacious than his first nursery.

Next, I hung some cloud shelves (bought from Tiger a while ago) and my felt ball hanging decorations and mobile, to add interest and personalise the space.

Then came the Murals Wallpaper feature wallpaper (#gifted).

It was delivered in a heavy duty cardboard tube, having been printed to suit the exact dimensions of the wall in question that we had provided. The design is printed on a continuous roll, with extra paper added at the top and bottom to work with, and clear markers to show when each strip should begin / end. There's easy to follow instructions too... but even so, we were having a decorator in to paint a couple of other rooms, and felt it best to give this job to him to be safe!

It all seemed very straightforward, and our decorator too was pleased with the process and the quality of the paper too; in his experience, he said, wallpaper can be tricky and mural designs can be problematic, with paper shifting once dried and so on. However, this has not been the case at all for us and he was pleasantly surprised how quick and easy the paper was to work with, and to set up. So much so, that he completed this wall in Sullivan's bedroom, and another in Ethan's room (further post to follow soon), in half the time, and to great effect.

When I came to see the finished feature wall, I was over the moon as it had achieved the impact I had wanted. Immediately, the mountain design adds a personal touch and looks both fun and stylish. The graphic style is something that will work as Sullivan grows up, and the finish is very premium, with the joins between the sheets virtually seamless to the eye.

Sullivan's bedroom, before we moved in

Here's the full reveal...

I am so pleased with how Sullivan's new room has turned out. There's still plenty of space to move, and room for him to grow, with good storage, seating and space to display mementos. There's no doubt that the Murals Wallpaper feature is the standout piece that brings it all together, and the value and quality has really impressed us.

Murals Wallpaper create and curate the best designs for our high quality murals and photo wallpapers. Their murals are suitable for walls of any size or shape, so they encourage you to be confident and get creative with your design ideas. You can even provide your own image for them to create into a feature design. All murals are priced at £36 per metre squared and are mocked up to order, to your specific measurements, ready for approval then shipping.

Here's some more information on the particular design we chose for Sullivan's bedroom:

Keeping your home modern and stylish doesn’t have to end when it comes to your child’s bedroom. Our exclusive Kids Orange and Lime Mountains Wall Mural is a cool, minimal design featuring triangle cartoon mountains in block orange, green and grey colors against a soft beige mountain range backdrop. This fresh nursery mountain wallpaper will make a room of any size seem more spacious and clean and its complementary colour scheme will match particularly nicely with wooden furniture and decor of harmonising colours. This sleek yet playful wallpaper would be perfect in a baby’s nursery or a little boy or girl’s bedroom.

To find out more, visit - you'll be impressed by the choice, I guarantee it.

Look out for the reveal of Ethan's bedroom, coming soon!

* We received the Murals Wallpaper featured for purposes of review - all other elements and labour were paid for ourselves, and our views and comments are our own.


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