Thursday 9 January 2020

Enjoying Veganuary at Bill's Restaurants #review

One of the simple pleasures in life, for me, is going out to a restaurant to enjoy a meal. I like returning to old favourites, like Bill's Restaurants (read my previous review here), but I love trying new things. That's why earlier this week I really enjoyed going to Bill's for a dinner date with Ethan to try their special Veganuary menu, washed down with a cooler from the Low and No drinks list.

* Gifted

We had a warm welcome from Kiran at Bill's in the Bullring, Birmingham, and were shown to a nice candlelit table with plenty of space for Sullivan to continue snoozing in his pushchair whilst I looked at the menu and Ethan set about colouring in a picture with the crayons provided (always a win when a restaurant is family friendly like this).

Our host recommended a few things and I opted for the Pear and Ginger Cooler from the Low and No drinks menu, which was flavourful and refreshing, and Ethan had a fresh apple juice (which also went down well).

We wasted no time ordering, with Ethan choosing the kids burger and chips meal from the children's menu whilst I dived into the vegan-friendly offering with the Beetroot Steak, which comes with fiery fries and was highly recommended.

Both meals did not disappoint. Ethan managed to work his way through the generous kids' burger, which was fresh and didn't seem to be dripping in fat, with some salad on the side, and I was amazed by my dish. It indeed resembled the depth of colour and shape of steak, and was very flavourful I was seriously impressed! I don't mind not eating meat, and enjoy vegetarian food, but I haven't sought out vegan food before and wasn't sure if it would taste food or be filling.

Well, this meal was, and I couldn't resist tucking in. The fries and dip were done beautifully too, and I didn't feel like I was missing out by choosing this option.

For dessert, Ethan of course went for the ice cream (really nicely presented) and I chose another vegan option, this time the Amaretto Parfait. This looked appealing and had a nice taste and texture to it, but if anything, the portion was more than generous, so I couldn't finish it. Something I didn't expect to happen!

Overall, I was pleased to try something new and surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Menus like this are great for people wanting to either explore a different type of food or try a lighter alternative, whilst also attracting people who follow this diet every day.

Bill's always has a warm, sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere and again, we were well catered for and had a very enjoyable meal.

If you want to visit Bill's this month, their have an exclusive Veganuary offer, where customers can order any main from the Veganuary menu and enjoy a vegan dessert for £5 (available after 5pm, nationwide).

So there is no better time to head to Bill's and try something new - it might even inspire a lifestyle change.

* We were invited to enjoy a meal in return for an honest review - all comments and content are our own.


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