Thursday 18 June 2020

Create calm at home with a Himalayan salt lamp

 Spending so much time at home of late, like most people, I have been looking at improving my home environment as well as reflecting on what I can do improve my wellbeing and ensure I have some time away to relax. I'm excited to share this guest post with you which features information on one such thing I have introduced into my home...

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?
Himalayan salt lamps are lamps made with a chunk of salt, the inside of the salt is hollowed out and a lighting fixture is placed inside. The result is stunning, the light shines through the salt to give it a soft gentle glow into your home. People often feel more relaxed with the use of a salt lamp. The salt is mined underground in the Himalayan mountains, the salt was formed millions of years ago.
The glow from the salt lamp is not too bright making it a perfect nightlight. The use of salt lamps can completely change the feel in your home. People that often practices yoga or meditation will often use these salt lamps to help them relax. Over recent years, the salt lamp has gained popularity of claimed health benefits of using them.

Health benefits of using these lamps
A salt lamp can act as a mini humidifier, people will often find water around the base of the lamp. This is more likely to happen if you live in a damp house. The salt attracts moisture from the air. They are believed to create negative ions when lit which can help reduce electromagnetism which emits from electrical goods. The negative ions also react with pollen, dust, and dirt in the air. Salt lamps can help clean the air in your home.
People that struggle with anxiety will use these lamps, as people often feel more relaxed with these lamps. People that struggle to sleep will use these lamps as the lamps are not too bright and make the perfect nightlight.
You can also get small USB salt lamps, these are perfect to plug into your computer. People often that use these lamps often will feel less stressed.

Different types of salt lamps
The salt lamp comes in different sizes and is usually measured by weight kg in the UK and pounds in America. The smallest size lamp weighs around 1kg and the largest goes up to 50kg. The larger the lamp the higher the health benefits associated with the lamp. You can also get salt lamps in different colours, there are white salt lamps and grey to choose from. If you are a candle lover you can also purchase Himalayan salt candle holders.

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