Wednesday 17 June 2020

Norfolk House Nursery – creating a safe and happy environment

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We have been living through strange and unprecedented times and as a parent, I have of course thought about the potential impact all the changes we have faced could have on my own two children. Ethan is currently off school and being in Year 2, is not due to return until September at the earliest, whilst Sullivan is 18 months old and would normally be at his Nanny’s and at nursery during the working week. Because I am able to work from home, he is with me, but I do wish he could have time with other young kids to play and develop his social skills, as well as have a change of scenery.

Nursery is an enriching experience for children and choosing somewhere to send your child involves a lot of research at the best of times. I have had the pleasure of visiting both Norfolk House Nursery locations, including 28 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, and was impressed by their facilities and approach to supporting little learners and their families; and since the start of lockdown, they have worked hard to maintain the safest possible environment and provide important reassurance for parents.

You can read my full review of NHN 28 Harborne Road, but in essence, this nursery believes strongly in the social, educational and emotional development of the children in their care. Touring the beautiful, engaging and homely rooms and hearing about a typical day and everything the team works hard to do for the children in their care last year, one word really came to my mind - involved. Parents and children are involved in the learning provision and it shows on their faces just how much they love, and gain from, their time at this nursery. Just check out their Facebook page or Twitter feed to see for yourself!

Here are three ways that the Norfolk House Nursery team have been working hard over the past few months to ensure that the highest standards are kept and that children are supported throughout the changing circumstances:

1) Extra measures

In addition to the nursery’s existing Policies and Procedures, Norfolk House has also introduced further guidelines that help the staff team to implement precautionary measures to reduce any potential of the spread of germs by physical distancing between identified groups and implementing rigorous hygiene practices.

Of course, the nursery has always sought to uphold the highest health and safety standards, but to reassure everyone from staff to parents, it is good to know that everything has been reviewed and every effort stepped up. There is a saying, ‘better safe than sorry’, and I am impressed by the pragmatic and supportive approach Norfolk House Nursery has taken.

2) Super clean routine

Cleanliness is paramount at the best of times in a nursery, but Norfolk House has understandable stepped things up. And at the start of July, they are bringing in specialist cleaners, Vaxinol, to deep clean every nook and cranny and ensure an incredibly high level of safety through their disinfecting and sanitising process. Vigorous daily routines will remain in place to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all.

3) Daily challenges

To keep children busy, whether at home or in the nursery, there has been a series of daily challenges set over the past few weeks by the Norfolk House team. Tapping into a broad range of skills and experiences, these have been a great way to inspire parents and engage children. A typical day at Norfolk House is packed full of stimulating, creative and educational activities and play, so it is fantastic to hear that these challenges have helped to keep things as normal for the children as possible, whilst giving parents some really useful pointers so they can do their best to stay connected from home.

To take a look at the kinds of things children have been doing whilst at home, with support from the nursery, check out the Norfolk House Nursery news page.

4) Zoom time

To make the most of popular technology and really bring the nursery experience into the homes of children who are staying at home for the time being, there has been a host of Zoom activities every day. From baking cakes to story-time with the staff for the little ones, and creating lava lamps and marble art for pre-schoolers, the thought the staff have put into making these online sessions fun and as close to the nursery experience as possible is commendable.

It has been an interesting and challenging time of late and with a lot of uncertainty around, it is more important than ever for there to be consistency for our children. Nursery is such a key time for them, and whilst there is no substitute for being there in person, the efforts the Norfolk House team have gone to in order to guide, support and connect with their children who are currently at home is so encouraging to see. Choosing a nursery is about finding an environment that can nurture your child and a team that can support you as a parent, and I believe that Norfolk House is doing a great job of both.

Why not take a look around Norfolk House Nursery, 28 Harborne Road, for yourself, with their virtual tour?

Norfolk House Nursery
28 Harborne Road
B15 3AA

Telephone (Nursery): 0121 454 8714
Telephone (Finance Office): 0121 452 1485


Opening times: 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, all year round with the exception of Bank Holidays and Public Holidays


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