Monday 1 June 2020

JAZZ™ Apple family recipe book released... featuring my recipe!

I hope you're all keeping safe and well. I've been using the extra time at home to enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, so I am absolutely THRILLED to announce my involvement with a new recipe book from JAZZ™ Apple, which has been released TODAY!

Featuring 10 delicious dishes from family bloggers such as myself, the new recipe book is FREE to download here and is packed full of magical delights such as JAZZ™ Apple Strudel Flapjacks, JAZZ™ Apple Nachos and a sumptuous JAZZ™ Apple Parfait.

It also includes my recipe idea for Saucy JAZZ Apple and Mixed Fruit Kebabs. This quick and easy idea for serving fruit is bound to be a hit with the family, as kids can help with the preparations and assembly, and you can be sure they’re getting plenty of goodness too.
You can use any fruit you like, depending on your children’s preferences, and you can make a whole range of dips, drizzles or sauces to jazz up your kebab sticks, based on what you have available in the fridge, store cupboard and fruit bowl.

The recipes myself and the other family bloggers have created are all easy to follow and use everyday store cupboard ingredients. What’s even better is that they taste out of the world too and are brilliant to get children involved in. 

So, if you’re looking to improve your apple recipe repertoire this summer then make a head start with these beautiful dishes!
Here's all the lovely bloggers who have contributed:

Head on over to the JAZZ™ Apple website and get some fruity inspiration!


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