Tuesday 9 June 2020

Father's Day gift idea - Historic Newspapers personalised football book #review

Whilst this year's Father's Day is tinged with sadness, being the first since my own Dad has passed, I still have two other dads to celebrate - my husband, and my Father-in-Law. The latter is notoriously hard to buy for because, well, he has everything he needs already!

Every Father's Day, birthday or Christmas, I struggle with ideas for him but this time around, I have come up with something different and I really think he will love it.

He loves football and supports Aston Villa, so when Historic Newspapers got in touch to see if we would like to review an item, I jumped at the chance.

* Gifted review

The have a range of different newspaper books to choose from - including birthday, history and sports themes, plus original newspaper prints - and for footie fans, they offer personalised football newspaper books. These special books are hardbound in leather or leatherette and feature a selection of newspaper stories, printed in incredible detail, from across the years, focusing on the team of your choosing. The cover is embossed in gold and you can add the recipient's name, and inside there is a panel where you can have a special message printed.

The book comes in a keepsake box, which is also embossed, and the overall presentation is of such high quality.

Whilst I know nothing about football, flicking through the premium pages of the Aston Villa newspaper book gift (priced from £39.99), I am really impressed and find it fascinating looking back at the old headlines from decades ago. I can only imagine that if you have followed a team your whole life, like my Father-in-Law, it is even more interesting to read through.

It's the kind of gift that you can dip into now and again, and pick up something new from it, rather than something you would only refer to once.

I am so impressed by the quality and presentation of this Historic Newspapers gift, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique Father's Day gift idea, or present at any other time of year, as it really is something unique.

* All opinions and content are my own.


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