Friday 12 June 2020

Using wax melts to fragrance you home

Using wax melts to fragrance your home is a great alternative to the use of household chemicals or scented candles. Wax melts are small chunks of wax that are scented with essential oils. It is required to be heated to release its aromas, it will provide a natural fragrance that is not too overpowering.

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People that often practice yoga or meditation will often use wax melts or essential oils to help them be more relaxed and focused. The use of wax melts in your home can completely change the feel. Using wax melts is a fun way of fragrancing your home.

How to use them

Using wax melts is fairly straightforward however you will need to invest in an oil burner or an electric wax melt burner. If you decide to use an oil burner you simply place your wax melts in a small bowl at the top, you ignite a tea light and place it under the bowl. The heat from the tea light will cause the wax to melt and release its aromas. Some people might be restricted from this method in the presence of children as there is an open flame.

If you decide to use an electric wax melt burner, you simply heat up the wax by a switch of a button. This is a safer method of using your wax melts.

Why use wax melts instead of a scented candles

Most scented candles contain paraffin which is a concentrate of petroleum. Overuse of paraffin in your home can cause discoloration to your walls and curtains. It can also be problematic for people struggling with asthma or any lung problems. Soy wax melts contain no paraffin, and often the aromas are fresher and cleaner.

Using wax melts is much more cost-effective in the long run after you have invested in an oil burner or a wax burner. Wax melts can hold it aromas up to 50% longer than normal candles. Be sure to store your wax melts somewhere cool and dry to preserve its aromas.

Wax melts also come with less packaging compared to a scented candles that comes in a thick glass jar. Scented candles can fetch up to £20, while you can get a wax melt for around £1 a chunk. Switching over to the use of wax melts will save you money and provides cleaner aromas.

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