Friday 31 July 2020

Let the sun shine in - Layoners sunglasses review

Who doesn't love a spot of sunshine? In the UK, we don't always get as much of it as we would like, and it's been a couple of months since we have had a really nice spell of weather again, although the past few days, the sun has definitely had its hat on more.

Even though I am an autumn person at heart, the one thing I really miss when the weather gets cooler is the chance to wear my sunnies. I love sunglasses! They're obviously an essential at this time of year, they can make a simple outfit look way cooler in an instant, and they're just great for covering up on no make-up days or when you're carrying bigger bags under your eyes than when you pack a suitcase for holiday.

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I've recently discovered a sunglasses brand called Layoners - an international brand that ships to the UK - and with such a great range of stylish designs, it took me a good while to choose just one pair to review. There were some classic shapes but also some really different options too, at reasonable prices given the style and quality they offer, and the pair I picked is somewhere beautifully between the two.

I opted for the Caramel Tease pair (36.99 EUROS). They have an oversized frame, which suits my face shape better, and round but with a slight cat eye, which is a classic look that I love. The colour is a rich brown, almost tortoiseshell, but the thing that makes them really stand out is the pale wooden handles. I haven't come across a pair of sunglasses like this before and think that this pair is both classic but something different too.

Sometimes when buying sunglasses online, I'm unsure as not all styles suit me and sometimes the fit can be too tight on my nose or face. Of course, you come to know which shapes fit and suit you best, but Layoners provides a lot of detail on all of their sunglasses so you know exactly what size they are, the width of the bridge and lenses etc, so you can be assured you're picking the right pair for you.

There's a whole host of shapes and colours to choose from, with some designs coming in mulitple options, so you can pick a pair that stands out to you.

I honestly love my Layoners sunglasses and they are my favourite pair now, and can be paired with almost anything. If you like your sunnies as much as me, I would recommend that Layoners are well worth checking out.


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