Wednesday 29 July 2020

Five Rules To Follow When Shaving Legs With A Safety Razor

Starting to shave with a safety razor is an admirable move, allowing you to step away from the plastic, disposable and stereotypically feminine options and instead settle for a high-quality tool that will last you for years. 


Rather than having multiple blades, a safety razor has one sharp double-edged blade that can cut through hair easily without tugging on your skin and causing irritation.

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Because of the sharpness of the blade and the weight of your safety razor as opposed to lightweight disposable options, its important to make sure you are using the right shaving techniques if you want to avoid any cuts and achieve a top-quality shave every time. 


If you’re new to shaving your legs with a safety razor, it’s important to shop around to ensure you find the right shaving tool for you. The English Shaving Company stock a range of double-edged safety razors for both men and women in a range of sizes, weights and materials. Their safety razors can provide you with a luxury shaving experience every time you step in the shower. 


Here are five simple rules to keep in mind when shaving your legs with a safety razor:

1. Preparation is key

Before you get carried away and go straight for your legs with your safety razor, make sure your skin is fully prepped. Failing to prepare your skin can completely ruin the outcome of your shave, causing razor bumps and even cuts if your razor is unable to cut through your leg hair smoothly.  


If you have time, run a hot bath and soak your skin for a while to really open up your pores and soften the leg hair. If you’re in more of a rush, a hot and steamy shower can do just fine. While you’re in the shower, use an effective but gentle exfoliator to scrub away any dead skin cells. 


The last step to getting ready to shave is to apply a generous creamy lather of a shaving product of your choice. Whether its a shaving foam or cream, it’s important to make sure there are no dry or uncovered patches of skin that could be irritated if the blade is unable to glide over them. 

2. Less is more 

The next key rule to make note of is that less is more. Safety razors are sharper than the multi-blade razors you will find in most supermarkets, so you don’t need to be as heavy-handed when using one.  


Safety razors are weighty, usually made from metal, which means all you really need to do is glide the razor over your legs and let it do its job by itself. Applying too much pressure will only lead to irritation, razor bumps, or worse, cuts - we’ve all been there. 

3. Practise your angles 

Once you’ve got the hang of how much pressure to apply on the blade, think about the angle you hold your safety razor at. Aim to go for a 45-degree angle from the skin on your legs. This way, your blade will be able to cut through your leg hairs without pulling on your skin or causing unnecessary friction. 

4. Replace your blades often

Safety razors may cost more initially, but you are paying for the quality of the tool and the close shave you can achieve. They are a long term investment too, as you can keep your razor and reuse it for many years without having to throw it away or spend money on a new one - all you have to do is stock up double-edged razor blades from time to time. 


It’s important to replace your blades semi-regularly to ensure they don’t rust or become blunt as this can be one of the main causes of razor bumps or rashes on the skin after shaving. 

Something else worth looking into is sustainable shaving products, to help do your bit for the environment whilst enjoying a successful and safe shave.

5. Never skip post-shave rituals 

Last but not least, it’s important not to forget to give your legs some TLC after shaving too. It might be tempting to simply get out the shower and hop into bed or get dressed but it’s important to let your skin breathe for a while and apply plenty of moisturiser to prevent the skin drying out.


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