Monday 13 July 2020

Supporting home schooling and home learning over the summer with QuartoKids #review

For the past four months, we, like so many parents across the UK, have been doing our best to home school Ethan. We have had some support from his school to maintain his year two work, particularly in more recent weeks, but from the outset we knew we would need to do our bit as parents to support his learning and provide a range of materials that would be engaging for him and help keep his mind ticking.

I shared before how we received some books from QuartoKids to review; right at the start of lockdown and our attempts at home schooling, their Planet earth and Human Body flap books have provided a fun way for Ethan to practice his reading and to learn about key topics, and he ploughed through The Story of Inventions with genuine enthusiasm.

With the summer holidays nearly upon us, we are going to continue with some home learning work. Mainly as we just haven't been able to maintain regular and detailed home school sessions whilst we have both been working from home full time, and caring for his brother too (Sullivan is now 19 months old). We're going to have a day every week where we engage with some maths, literacy and topic work so we can do what we can to keep Ethan in good learning habits and up to speed on the core skills he needs to enter year 3.

The selection of special interest books from QuartoKids is impressive and covers educational topics, wellbeing themes and activities too, so plenty to help young learners - and great for the inevitable rainy days of summer that lie ahead.

* I received three books to review, but all opinions are my own.


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