Wednesday 24 February 2021

Jeunvie - vegan, anti-ageing and award-winning skincare range #review

I am a real beauty addict and love to find new products. Even in lockdown! Whilst I have laid off the make up day-to-day, mainly through laziness or because of the heat we have been having, I have instead been paying more attention to my skincare routine and have three new products to share with you that I genuinely love and have been so impressed by.

They're from a British brand called Jeunvie which offers a range of vegan friendly, anti-ageing and award-winning products, including cleaners, toners and moisturisers, and that are now available to buy via Amazon.

The combination of those three factors is what drew me in to find out more about Jeunvie, and I was kindly gifted four items from the line up to try out, which I have become part of my daily and nightly routine for the past month. Now, I'm not able to show you dramatic before and after photos where I look remarkably 10 years younger! I have rosacea and my bare skin doesn't really look all that great, even when these products have made a difference to the look and feel. A bare faced photo won't impress you, but I can honestly say that to me, these products have helped improve my skin's appearance and I have thoroughly enjoyed using them, and will continue to do so.

Let me tell you give you a bit more background about the brand, and then I'll tell you a bit about the products and my thoughts on what I have personally tested out.

Until last month, Jeunvie has only been available to UK customers through specialist dermatologists, private order requests and luxury department stores abroad, but luckily for us, they can be bought easily and delivered quickly via Amazon.

Jeunvie products are all approved and recommended by Senior Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Dr Nadia Yousri who is a fellow at Royal Institute of Gynae & Obs and one of the top Aestheticians at Harley Street. This is a pretty good endorsement for their anti-aging effectiveness!

Jeunvie is a high quality and pregnancy friendly natural skincare product range that uses pure ingredients including natural fruit extracts and essential oils that have been carefully selected to optimise nutritional, antioxidant and hydration benefits, therefore promising to leave skin feeling fresh, healthy and rejuvenated.

Current product range:

Jeunvie Pure Natural Cleanser: Gentle yet powerful cleanser for sensitive skin.
This sounds perfect for my skin as sometimes cleaners can be too harsh or drying.

Jeunvie Pure Natural Toner: Powerful toner with rose, witch hazel and co-enzyme Q10 extracts for deep skin toning.
Rose is a really soothing ingredient and something that suits my skin type well

Jeunvie Pure Natural Anti-Blemish Rejuvenating Serum: Premium organic blend of natural plant oils, rosehip and jojoba, to help fade blemishes and scars, reduce the signs of ageing and lighting the appearance of tired skin.
This is the first product I have been trying out and it's really quite different. It isn't like a cream or gel serum, rather a light oil serum that you use a pipette to dispense. You only need a few drops and the serum sinks into your skin quickly, as you gently apply with circular motions of gentle taps with your finger tips. I use this sparingly in the morning, but a drop or two more at night time, and it feels rich without leaving your skin feeling too oily or heavy with product.

Jeunvie Pure Natural Collagen Eye Gel: Rejuvenating premium blend of marine collagen extracts, with added vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, proven the help restore tired and dry skin around the eyes.
I was told that this would be the product I would be most impressed by, and whilst it's a close call, I do have to admit this has the 'wow' factor. It is super light and not irritating at all to my sensitive eyes, and used morning and night, I do think my eye bags and lines have decreased over the past few weeks. When I apply make up, my eye area feels much smoother and for me, it has made a real difference.

Jeunvie Pure Natural Collagen Moisturiser: Rejuvenating premium blend of marine collagen extracts, with added vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, proven the help restore tired and dry skin and promote skin regeneration.
This is the third and final product I have had to review and I have enjoyed using this in place of any other moisturiser. You don't need a lot of this, as one small pump dispenses enough to blend across your face, and it quickly sinks in to give you a smooth base. Again, I use this every day and night and have found that it's been kind to my skin and it does have a smoothing effect. Not greasy at all, I think this is a great moisturiser to try.

Jeunvie Pure Natural Soothing Eczema Balm: Secret premium blend of soy wax, aloe vera, coconut oil and plant butter that fast soothes and nourishes stressed skin. 
As you may know, I have psoriasis and whilst I am on medication that is helping to keep the majority of it at bay, I am always keen to keep an eye out for balms and skin treatments that can help soothe my skin. This is a super creamy balm that warms up between your fingertips yet it absorbs easily and it feels like there is a protective barrier left behind. I have used it on a tattoo of mine on my wrist that has become irritated in the heat and it seems to have sorted things out, as my skin is soothed and calm again now.

Overall, I have had a great time getting to know Jeunvie and adding three of the products to my skincare routine. They compliment each other well, are in chic, premium style packaging and my skin has been responding so well to them, plus they are lasting really well, so based on that, I think they are good value - and my eyes are especially grateful!

The first selection of Jeunvie products are now available on Amazon, with prices of the products ranging from £18.99 to £44.95, and a further five exiting new additions will be added by the end of the summer, so watch this space.

* I was gifted three items in return for an honest review - all opinions expressed are my own.


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