Wednesday 24 February 2021

Creating An Inspiring Home Study - Tips and Tricks

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If there’s one thing many of us now have in common, it’s working from home in one way or another. Perhaps you’ve had to begin working remotely due to your job needing to change during the pandemic, or perhaps you’ve made the decision yourself to set up from home. Maybe you have a side hustle, or maybe you just like to have your own office at home to learn and grow in your own time.

Whatever your reasons for needing a home study, these tips and tricks will help you to create an inspiring space! 

  1. Pick A Color That Perks You Up

First, pick a color for your home study that is going to perk you up - it doesn’t have to be white! White can work if you want to incorporate a few different patterns and colors with your accessories, but there are many inspiring colors that can look great painted on the walls.

Consider looking at a color wheel so you get a feel for the sort of colors that look good together, and look up the moods of colors too. The moods of colors can give you an idea of how certain colors are going to make you feel, for example, blue is a very tranquil and relaxing color, while orange is quite uplifting. Don’t be afraid to pick a color that appeals to you even if it seems outside of the box for a home study. 

  1. Let In Lots of Natural Light 

Natural light is crucial for mood and productivity. Let in as much light as you can and you should find it easier to work or study from home. Pick your window dressings carefully, and consider getting rid of them altogether if you want to open the room up a little more. 

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  1. Maintain Your Privacy 

As this room should help you to get more done, you’re going to want to maintain your privacy in as many ways as possible. Sound proofing could be a good idea, as well as a lock on the door if you have family members that could barge in while you’re trying to get things done. You can also consider mirrored window film, which is a great way for you to continue enjoying the views without struggling with sunlight and even people walking by. 

  1. Put Up Pictures and Artwork That You Love 

Inspire yourself by putting up pictures and artwork that you love. Don’t buy artwork that you can get in any homeware store - instead, see if you can find something unique in an antique store or if you can commision something from a local artist. 

  1. Section Off Different Areas 

If the room is big enough, see if you can section off a couple of different areas. You could have an area for your computer work, as well as an area to sit and read and make notes if you need to, for instance. 

  1. Invest In The Right Kind of Storage 

Storage is key for any study. Make sure you invest in the right kind of storage so you can grab things as and when you need them. You should also find it easier to complete your tax returns this way. 


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