Saturday 3 October 2020

4 Fashion Tips To Keep You On-Trend

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In 2019 alone, us Brits spent about £59.3 billion on clothing. This stat proves that fashion is indeed a top priority for most people. Everyone wants to stay trendy, but this proves daunting more often than not. As Coco Chanel puts it, “fashion fades, only style remains.”

Fashion trends change very quickly, making it feel impossible to keep pace with its fast-moving trends. Nonetheless, there are several strategies you can use to help you follow the trends and integrate them into your style regularly. Here are four tips to consider following to stay on-trend.

  1. Read anything fashion-related

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Fashion magazines are the repository of all things new and exciting happening in the world of fashion. Therefore, you should take a keen interest in flipping through the pages of some famous magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire to see what fashion trends are highlighted in there. Many of these top publication brands also have websites containing numerous articles looking to engage fashion enthusiasts like you. There are also fashion bloggers who regularly update on new trends and brands. Seek out all these and many more fashion-related publications to read. It will help you stay on top of the trends.

  1. Add to what you have

Being a fashion enthusiast does not mean overhauling your wardrobe every three months and replacing old clothes with the latest ones you saw in magazines. Little additions here and there are mostly all it takes. By matching the current fashion with the style you already have, you create a unique twist to your style.  Never leave accessories out of your acquisitions. Adding a single ornament to an everyday look can significantly improve your overall appearance. Therefore, lookout for a new bracelet that will complement your wardrobe or a necklace that is perfect for a couple of dresses you own. Sunglasses should not be left out either- browse through websites like to check out the latest frames and colours you can pair with your clothes. 

  1. Follow stylish people on social media

Social media has fast become the new go-to for fashion enthusiasts. The rise of influencer culture has prompted several brands to engage such people as models to market new clothes and styles. Research from the Fashion Retail Academy says over half of UK shoppers believe that social media influencers are responsible for the increased popularity of fast fashion. Through the use of social media, especially Instagram, influencers significantly impact what people are wearing. You should consider following some popular influencers in your bid to stay trendy.

  1. Watch essential fashion events

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To stay ahead of the trends, you should watch a lot of fashion shows and events. Popular events like the Grammys, Versace Fashion Shows, Gucci Spring Show, and the Met Gala Awards are full of voguish and daring fashion looks celebrities are known by many for. Stars and models are dressed in the latest designer wears and accessories, and their outfits almost instantly go viral. Develop a keen interest in red-carpet appearances of such events, and you will always be updated with the latest fashion trends in town.


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