Wednesday 7 July 2021

4 Reasons Why a Car Wrap Outperforms a Paint Job

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Business owners want to get the word out about their offerings. What better way to accomplish this goal than to invest in car wraps? Every time the person gets behind the wheel they advertise the business. The bold colors found on the wraps and the novel concept of a car wrap ensure the vehicle attracts attention everywhere it goes. From the person traveling across town to pick up food to the individual traveling cross country for a family reunion, a vehicle wrap allows them to advertise the business, and all it costs them is the initial expense of the wrap. Why should a person choose a vehicle wrap over a custom paint job? 


Individuals who decide on a custom paint job find they are without their vehicle for an extended period of time. The paint job could easily take two weeks or longer to complete. In contrast, a vehicle wrap can be installed in a matter of days. Expect to have the vehicle returned fully wrapped within three to five days. 

Some business owners want to change the message on their vehicles regularly. For instance, a company might invest in a new wrap every three months to update its messaging as the seasons change. Vehicle wraps allow them to update the message and get the maximum value. If they have to wait for the custom paint job, they miss out on a lot of this advertising time. That's not an issue with wraps, as they are easy to install in a matter of days.

A landscaping company, for example, could purchase four wraps, one for each season. Once the initial investment is made, the wraps can be changed every three months to show the services they offer for the season. Changing the wrap comes with a fee, but the landscaping company may find the return on investment they get is worth the expense of having the wrap changed this frequently. 

To speed the process, have the wrap design ready before the vehicle goes into the shop. Learn more about this process at Once the design has been created, the wrap can be made. When the car arrives at the shop, the only part of the process left is the actual installation. As a result, the business is without the vehicle for less time. 

Paint Protection

Any damage to a vehicle's paint job negatively affects its value. This damage could come in the form of fading paint as a result of UV exposure, scrapes, scratches, dings, and more. The vehicle wrap protects the original paintwork from minor damage. People might assume they can only have the damaged areas repainted and protect the resale value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

An inferior paint job reduces the resale value of the car. When one or more damaged areas on the vehicle need to be painted, the painter often has to repaint entire sections of the car. These sections may end up being a different color than the non-painted portions because the original paint has slightly faded over time or is no longer pristine. The wrap protects all sections of the vehicle. 

Furthermore, a person might wish to have an exotic color for their vehicle. This color doesn't appeal to the masses and may make it harder to sell the car in the future. The vehicle owner can have the best of both worlds when they choose a vehicle wrap. They get the exotic color they desire and can have the wrap removed when they wish to sell the vehicle so it appeals to a wider audience. The resale value of the vehicle will be protected when a wrap is selected. 

Less Maintenance

High-quality wraps last up to ten years, possibly more. Furthermore, the wrap doesn't require waxing to keep it looking good. All it takes is a quick wipe with a cloth and any dirt on the wrap is removed, allowing its beauty to shine through. The time spent to wax the paint on company vehicles can be used for other purposes that benefit the company more when vehicle wraps are obtained.

Owners find they can keep the wrap looking nice by hand washing the vehicle with soap and water. Furthermore, speak to the vehicle wrap provider to learn about ceramic coating packages and specialty sprays that protect the wrap's finish. However, it is best to keep the wrapped vehicle in a garage if possible to protect it from the elements. The packages and sprays protect the wrap when the vehicle is out on the road while keeping the vehicle in a garage when it isn't in use also protects it. 

Endless Options

Business owners find they can request almost any design when it comes to their vehicle wrap. Color change wraps serve as one option available today, and clients find they can pick from over 800 colors, textures, and chromes. The wrap may include basic information or feature a full-color logo. Work with the design team to find the right combination that advertises your business, draws the eye of others, and provides a good return on investment.

Some companies find they only need the bare basics on their wrap and additional information or graphics will take away from the message. Other businesses choose to cover their car with the company logo, so people learn to associate it with the brand. Certain colors may not be available in factory paint but can be created with the help of a wrap. Whatever the customer wants, the design team works to make it happen. 

Vehicle owners appreciate the fact that they can update the look of the car more often when they choose a wrap. Vehicle wraps cost significantly less than custom paint jobs, even when the wrap is very detailed. As a result, a person can feel as if they have gotten a new car every few years at a fraction of the cost of buying a new vehicle. 

If you have yet to consider a vehicle wrap for your personal or company car, now is the time to learn more about this option. Your vehicle paint must be in good shape to choose this option, as the wrap cannot hide imperfections and rough spots. Furthermore, any blemishes in the paint will interfere with proper vinyl adhesion of the wrap. Take this into consideration when deciding if a car wrap is right for you. Many vehicle owners will discover this is the solution they have been looking for when it comes to their ride. 


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