Friday 8 April 2022

Signs Your Little One May Have A Serious Infection: A Guide For First Time Mums

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When you become a Mum for the very first time, you will have a lot on your plate, and looking after your child’s health and wellbeing will be your top priority. Babies can be prone to catching serious infections, and as a mum, you need to be able to spot the signs to get on top of things and seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Carry on reading to learn more.

Unusual Rashes And Bruising Appearing

Have you recently spotted any unusual rashes or bruising on your baby’s body? Try not to panic, for there could be a rational reason as to what has caused this. However, it is also worth understand that this could be a sign of bacterial meningitis, or measles - both extremely dangerous infections when they take hold. Your child should be examined by a trained medical professional or paediatrician as soon as possible. Read here to learn more about how to look out for measles in babies. If your child has had the MMR vaccine shots, the chances of contracting measles are reduced significantly.


High Fever

If your baby’s body temperature has soared right up, it could indicate they have a fever and a serious infection. A tell-tale symptom of pneumonia in babies is a fever with profuse sweating and quicker breathing. High fevers can escalate rapidly in next to no time, so it’s not something you should sit on as a doting mum.


Changes In Behaviour

Serious infections can cause your baby to experience discomfort due to high temperature, dehydration, runny noses, watery eyes, skin irritations, a stiff neck, and excessive coughing. All these things brought on by serious infections can cause noticeable changes in their behaviour and interactions. Notice they’re acting a bit differently than usual? Perhaps they’re not sleeping or eating their food? There could be something medical behind your child’s sudden changes in behaviour, and it could be a symptom that your child is fighting off a serious infection. Your child becoming irritable and distressed for no apparent reason is definitely worth checking out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Watery Eyes

Watery eyes are another thing that mums should look out for in their babies. Blockage of your baby’s tear ducts can be a sign of conjunctivitis or a cold. They could also be a sign pointing towards your child having allergies. However, you will need to get tests done to determine what your child is allergic to. Otherwise, it’s all just a guessing game.


Excessive Vomiting

It’s not uncommon for babies to be sick or burp and generally experience a few digestive issues, especially after they’ve just eaten. Nevertheless, regular excessive vomiting could be a sign of a serious infection. Alternatively, vomiting can indicate food allergies, milk intolerance, or that your baby has swallowed something poisonous.  On the other hand, your child may just be greedy and drink too much milk. You can try cutting down their daily milk consumption or slowing down their feeds, and see whether it settles your little one’s stomach and gets rid of the vomiting problem.


It's never nice to see your first-born baby feeling poorly or in any pain or discomfort. Keeping your eyes out for signs that your baby may have a serious infection could help to save your child’s life. These are our tips to help out first-time Mums.


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