Wednesday 27 April 2022

What to Look for When Choosing a Business Car Lease

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Choosing an appropriate partner to do business with is challenging, regardless of what type of service your organisation is looking for. However, finding the right car or van leasing deal for your business is a significant decision regarding transportation. Since you’ll be using these vehicles each working day, your chosen provider will need to tick all your boxes.


Will the car that you want be available? Will the vehicle you choose be suitable for the business's needs? To help you decide on the right provider for your business, we’ve outlined several things to look out for when choosing a business car lease to ensure that your company gets a good deal.


Lease Specials


Like you would do before any purchase, it’s essential that you check whether your dealership, be they online or brick-and-mortar, is offering any lease specials. Most online or brick-and-mortar dealerships will offer a variety of special offers on new car leases each month to increase new car sales.


Therefore, it’s worth considering what kind of vehicle you’re looking to lease or your desired make and model. Whether you opt for a Ford Mustang or an Audi Q5, the offers will differ depending on different manufacturers, so always check to see what lease specials are offered before making your final decision.


Providing that your chosen dealership is a reputable one, such as Pink Car Leasing, they should be more than happy to help you select the best lease deals for your business. For more insight, look online at their special offers or browse their selection of cars for lease, from Audi A3 lease deals to Mercedes A-Class lease deals.


Cost Of The Vehicle 


Another essential factor to consider when choosing a business car lease is the cost of the vehicle. Knowing the total amount you're expected to pay is vital as you’ll be making monthly payments for a few years. Depending on the car's age and the manufacturer you’ve selected, the lease price can increase or decrease, so ensure that you choose wisely.


There’s little point in choosing an expensive car that you cannot afford the monthly repayments of and incurring late fees.  Instead, opt for a vehicle in the middle of your budget, as this way, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to meet the monthly repayments and won’t suffer any repercussions.


Lease Miles


Whether you approach an online dealership or a brick-and-mortar one, each car they sell will have a stated number of miles to be driven throughout the lease deal. On average most lease deals will allow you to drive between 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year; anything beyond this will result in penalties when you give back the vehicle once the agreement is up.


During the finalisation process, your chosen dealer should inform you of the cost per mile if you were to run over the allotted number of miles at the end of the lease. If you do much driving and you’re paranoid about going over this amount, try to note your average driving distance per month and multiply it by twelve to get an estimated amount of what you’re driving. This will help give you a rough estimate of whether you could potentially go over the lease miles outlined on your contract.




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