Friday 29 April 2022

Is It Possible to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness?

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Androgenic alopecia cannot be reversed but to some extent and in some cases, it can be prevented. However, the effectiveness of the prevention techniques is highly variable. It depends on how early the signs were detected, what techniques are used for prevention, and how severe one’s genetic tendency towards male pattern baldness is.


Preventing Androgenic Alopecia: Possibilities

Most dermatologists agree that the success rate of prevention methods depend on several factors when it comes to male pattern baldness. They also agree that the single-most important factor in androgenic alopecia prevention is detection. For example, studies have shown that preventive medical measures taken against male pattern baldness is highly successful in teens with hereditary male pattern baldness.

Therefore, even if your father and your paternal grandfather started to lose hair from an early age, you can potentially prevent it from happening to you. Don’t wait for the traditional signs and symptoms of male pattern baldness but treat it as a hereditary eventuality. If you go to a dermatologist before seeing that first thinning patch, they might even be able to prevent it from happening without surgical procedures.

Treating Androgenic Alopecia: Options

Now that we have discussed the prevention of male pattern baldness, the next point is treatment. It’s true that hair loss cannot be reversed if it is caused by androgenic alopecia, but treatment is very much possible. If you are already in an early or even one of the advanced stages of balding, research how does a hair transplant work? You can learn more about hair transplant methods and whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure on The Treatment Rooms London’s official website. The site is a hub of knowledge that has everything one could possibly want to know about androgenic alopecia and how to treat it.

Living with Androgenic Alopecia: Solutions

Unless the baldness is brought on by an underlying disease, there is no other known health impact of typical androgenic alopecia. Therefore, you can lead a perfectly healthy life even if you are going bald at 30. It can be inconvenient as losing hair at an early age will draw unwanted attention towards one’s head but wearing a cap or even a wig can prevent that to some degree at least.

If balding is taking a toll on someone’s personal life or mental wellbeing, that can be problematic. Since now we know that viable treatments are an option, such treatments can be a comprehensive solution in such cases. Men for whom hair transplants, grafting, etc. are not viable options for one reason or another, shaving is sometimes a better option than combovers.

In case you feel that your hair loss has reached a stage where it cannot be hidden without looking like you are trying too hard, own it by going bald. Bad combovers are universally seen as being much less impressive than a bald, shaven head.


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