Tuesday 31 May 2022

6 Ways to Creating Lasting Memories of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a magical time. It’s something many of us long for, for a while before it happens, and something that we are lucky to be able to experience. Pregnancy means that our family is expanding. It’s exciting, thrilling, and a little bit terrifying. But it’s also hard work. In the years that follow we’re more likely to remember the morning sickness, the aches and pains, the sleepless nights, digestive issues, and swollen ankles than we are the happier memories and feelings of joy.


If we think about it, most of us can recall the happy moments, such as the scans, the first time we felt the baby move and those exciting shopping trips for the essentials and cute outfits. But these memories aren’t always the ones that stand out.

If you want to remember your pregnancy in a more positive light, it can be a good idea to actively create lasting and joyful memories. Here are some of the ways that you can do it.

Share the News

You don’t have to throw a huge party, work on a clever surprise or create dramatic photos for social media to share your news with friends and family (although, if you want to do something special, go for it!) but marking the day that you tell people with something simple like the giving of personalised cards can turn it into a memorable event.

Take Photographs – and Display Them

Taking photos of your evolving bump and body can be a great way to remember the experience. Having a favourite turned into a canvas print to display at home can be a great way to remember this special time, but even keeping a photo roll on your phone gives you something to look back on in wonder.

Start a Journal

Journaling can be an excellent way to remind yourself of your pregnancy experiences, both good and bad. It’ll also be useful if you have more children in the future, or to pass on to a friend if they want advice.

Take Care of Yourself

You are more likely to remember the good times if you don’t spend your days exhausted and achy. While there’s not much you can do about some pregnancy symptoms, getting lots of rest, elevating your legs, getting a massage, and eating a healthy diet will all help you to feel more alert, energetic, and positive. This might mean that you remember things other than how uncomfortable you felt.

Let Yourself Have Experiences

Being pregnant means that everything is a little different. But it doesn’t mean that you have to stop experiencing things, visiting places, seeing people, and generally enjoying yourself. Get out and do things, and you’ll have more pregnancy memories to call on.

Have Some Fun with It

As long as you look after yourself, there’s nothing to stop you from having fun with your pregnancy. You could create fun photos, film cute videos, and even paint your bump as long as you are safe.

Pregnancy is a great time. If you are worried about anything, get checked out, but as long as you are healthy, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying the experience and filling it with memories for the future.


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