Thursday 9 June 2022

Living With Dementia: Why the Right Home Equipment Makes All the Difference

Dealing with a dementia diagnosis is difficult for everyone involved. As the disease progresses, sufferers sometimes find it challenging to take care of daily tasks. Keeping a person safe and providing for their needs becomes essential after a diagnosis of dementia. Learning about the available home equipment options will help dementia patients and their loved ones make critical decisions.

Common Difficulties For Dementia Patients

People often do not find out they have dementia until the symptoms become noticeable. What starts off as mild forgetfulness can become severe. Those who cannot take care of themselves sometimes require memory care services. These services keep people safe and secure while allowing them to live as independently as possible. The following offers information on some of the common difficulties dementia patients face.

· Forgetting where they put things

· Using objects or tools incorrectly

· Overlooking how to complete tasks like cooking or getting dressed

These challenges make living alone problematic and sometimes impossible. However, it is possible for dementia patients to live on their own with help from family and friends and some modifications. These modifications allow a person to take care of their daily chores without so much stress.

Home Equipment Helps Dementia Sufferers Daily

The equipment does not have to be overly expensive. Even minor changes in homes can help dementia sufferers. Some of the options include aids for mobility, memory, and continence. To gain the most benefit from this equipment, individuals should consider using them early on in their conditions. Learning to use this equipment from the beginning will help a person avoid some obstacles a loss of memory presents.

What Equipment Helps With Memory?

With advances in technology, there are now more options than ever for those needing memory aid. Smartphones can be used to set up notifications for pill reminders and other daily chores. Individuals should also consider using the following equipment in their homes.

· Whiteboards allow dementia sufferers to write down important appointments and remind themselves of things they need to do during the day.

· Clocks with large numbers help people keep track of the time.

· Keeping diaries and calendars are essential for those suffering from dementia.

· Automatic pill dispensers are highly beneficial for dementia patients because it prevents them from forgetting their medications or taking the wrong pills.

Equipment That Makes Household Tasks Easier

Living alone with dementia is not as stressful when a person has access to equipment. Today, countless products on the market help dementia sufferers stay safe and meet their needs. Consider the following options.

· Grip extensions help with controlling appliances safely.

· People can use tray carts to transport items from one room to another.

· Individuals can place signs throughout their homes to remember the location of objects. 

· Non-slip rubber gloves make washing much safer, so accidents are less likely to occur.

· Timers help people recall they have food cooking in the oven.

Discover Additional Information

A dementia diagnosis can become frightening for patients and their loved ones. Although it is more difficult for people with dementia to remain independent, the information above helps make day-to-day living less stressful.

Those who cannot live alone safely may want to learn about their options for assistance. There are communities that offer dementia care to those finding it too arduous to handle their daily tasks. In these communities, people will receive the innovative care they need.

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