Friday 20 May 2022

Parks and Gardens to Enjoy in Manchester

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Manchester is a city in northwestern England that is full of spirit and personality. It was a dominant and leading force during the Industrial Revolution but now Manchester is known for its fantastic music scene, creative local talents in the arts and also as a hub for sporting events. If you are visiting this city there is no doubt that you will find lots to do, and you can easily fill your schedule with fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes it is nice to take a break from all of the main tourist attractions and just spend some time in nature. 

Whether you are a local or a traveler visiting for a short time, take advantage of all of the beautiful public parks and greenspaces in the city which can be perfect spots to go for a walk or jog, or even for a picnic. If you don’t want to lug your bags around with you you can always leave them at a luggage locker in Manchester. Pick them up later, after a terrific afternoon outside.

  • Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park Is a beautiful greenspace in Manchester that has it all. The park is conveniently located outside of the city so you will be far away from all of the sounds and noise of the busy city life and can really immerse yourself in nature. Feel free to bring the kids since there is a nice playground for them to enjoy, as well as defined pathways to explore and areas shaded by trees for you to sit and relax. 

There is lots to do if you want to get active as well, including a lake with kayaks and canoes, a cricket and football pitch, a tennis court and a games area. You can stay here all afternoon since there is a pleasant cafe that sells snacks and drinks in case you get hungry as well as toys for the kids.

  • Heaton Park

Manchester’s biggest greenspace is Heaton Park which measures up to 600 acres. It is only a few miles away from the city center and is full of things to do so you can keep busy while enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty of the area. 

This municipal park has big grassy spaces for you to stroll through and is also the location of an 18th century country house that sometimes functions as a museum, so if you are lucky it will be open when you visit. Other attractions in Heaton Park include beautiful gardens, tennis courts and a golf course. You can easily spend an entire day in Heaton Park! 

  • Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens

While you are in Manchester you should definitely stop by the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens for a walk in one of the city’s most beautiful areas. The grounds were donated to the city by a man named Mr. Fletcher Moss which is how the gardens received their name. Come see the amazing plant life in the heather gardens which are full of variety and history as some of the plants have been growing here since the gardens were founded over a century ago. 

You can stop for a while to admire the flowers in the orchid houses and continue on to the Croft House, which is a historic building that also served as the founding location of the RSPB. This is an important piece of land for the local biodiversity of Manchester since it also functions as a wildlife habitat. Bring your camera in case you see any squirrels or birds!

  • Piccadilly Gardens

If you want to get some fresh air without leaving the city center then you should make your way to the gorgeous Piccadilly Gardens. This open area is close to some of the main attractions of Manchester making it the perfect spot to take a break between sightseeing or shopping in Manchester. While you are in the park you can enjoy the historic and modern buildings of the city center while you walk along the paths or sit by the fountains. 

There are also lots of restaurants and sometimes food trucks frequenting the area around the park. Piccadilly Gardens are often used as a venue for music events, performances and cultural celebrations, so it can get busy if there is something going on. Even if there isn’t, the Piccadilly Gardens are still a great location for a stroll or picnic in Manchester.

  • Tandle Hill Country Park

Tandle Hill Country Park is a great spot to spend an afternoon discovering a local greenspace in Manchester. There are several reasons to visit this park that make it fun for the whole family. Located in the park you will find all sorts of things to do, like a playground for the kids which is well equipped with climbing areas, slides and a sand pit. 

Tandle Hill Country Park is also a fantastic place to see wildlife. Lots of people come here for bird watching so bring your binoculars since there are quite a few different species that nest here. You can download some free walking guides or just explore the 48 hectare park at your own pace. After, you can stop by the cafe for refreshments.

These are only some of the many greenspaces open to the public in Manchester, so if you enjoy exploring these parks you can continue on to discover even more both inside or outside of the city limits. Many of the gardens play an important role as homes for wildlife, places for people to connect or even as historic areas themselves. It is always a good idea to spend time outside and taking a couple of hours to be surrounded by nature is healthy for your mind, body and soul.



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