Tuesday 20 December 2022

Practical Ways to Boost Your Wellbeing Right Now

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At this time of year, most of us could do with a bit of a boost to our mental health. It’s a pretty stressful time and anything we can do to relax and enjoy life will be a positive for ourselves and our families.

That being the case, let’s take a look at some practical things you can do to boost your wellbeing right now:

Do something creative

A really good way to boost your wellbeing is to do something creative just for you. From making your own greetings cards to knitting to learning how to paint watercolours, anything that allows you to wind down and make something with your own hands will really help you to relax and find meaning outside of work and family stresses.

The key is to focus on the process and have fun instead of worrying about trying to make your creative efforts perfect, and if you have kids, it’s a really nice thing to do with them too.

Pamper yourself

Try out one of those fancy new face serums, paint your nails or take a long bath where you focus on relaxing, and you will soon feel all of your stresses melting away. If you are someone who is not used to pampering yourself, then booking into a spa where a professional will give you a number of treatments may work even better. Do what works for you.

Organise your schedule

One really practical way you can boost your wellbeing at the moment is to sit down with your diary and take some tie to organise your schedule. Work out all of the things you have to do and allot a time for them that works for you.

While you are doing this, also make an effort to remove anything from your schedule that you do not need to do and which it would cause you more stress to do than you really need.

So many of us lead such busy lives that we never have any time for ourselves, and this can lead to stress, burnout and even depression, You deserve to have some downtime, so do what you can to make it happen.

Start a gratitude journal

A lot of people are sceptical about gratitude journals, but most people who stick with them and make a point of writing down at least 5 things they are grateful for each day, find that they do help to make you more positive.

So, if you are someone who often struggles to find the good in life, starting a gratitude journal could help you to appreciate the little things more, which will definitely help to boost your wellbeing going forward.

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Go for a walk

There is nothing more healing than nature, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with life and the million and one things that you have to do, take some time out, wrap up warm and go for a walk around the local park or forest, Take your time, make a point of stopping to look at the trees or listen to the birds, and you will almost certainly feel your stress levels falling.

Declutter your space

When your home is cluttered, your mind tends to feel similarly cluttered. You might worry about how you are going to make the place tidy again or fret about having people over because your home is not exactly ready for guests, and it can all get on top of you very easily. 

By clearing out anything you do not need or actively love having in your home, you can clear some much-needed headspace, and make sure that you and your family have more actual space around the house to enjoy too. 

If it seems like an overwhelming task, get the family involved in helping you and take it one drawer at a time, It’s amazing how much better you can feel just by cleaning out that overflowing kitchen cupboard!

Call a friend

Social connection is so important for mental wellbeing, so if you have not had a catch-up with your friends for a while, get on the phone and give them a call. Ask them how they are doing, share a few laughs, and not only will you boost your own wellbeing, but chances are you will boost theirs too.

Turn off your phone

Once you have finished reading this post, turn off your phone and do something else instead. All of us are so connected to the internet all the time, that it can actually cause us quite a lot of stress and prevent us from winding down, especially if we are forever checking work emails or reading the news, By switching off and reading a good book or relaxing with the family, we can easily boost our mental wellbeing and do something more meaningful for our lives instead.

Read fiction

Speaking of fiction, reading a good book is a great way to relax and boost your mental wellbeing. it enables you to be transported to another place and time and enjoy not having to worry about work or the kids or cleaning the house for a little while, and reading can and will make you smarter too.

Do that thing you have been putting off

Whether it’s a big work project with a looming deadline or cleaning the house from top to bottom, we all have that one big task that we have been putting off for a while. Actually tackling that task now, so that it is over and done with, is a really practical way of boosting your mental wellbeing because, once it's done it will not be taking up all of your headspace making you dread it.

It’s not always fu, but tackling that big thing can make you feel better and give you the momentum you need to tackle other things in your life too.

As you can see, there are lots of practical things you can do to relax more and boost your wellbeing that will not take too much time or effort right now, so what are you waiting for?


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