Tuesday 8 August 2023

What is colloidal silver and what are its health benefits?

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Looking after your health is important and I am all for looking into different options to help maintain health or to cope or treat certain conditions. I have a few conditions myself that have required a lot of trial and error, and I have become open to alternative treatments.

Alternative health and wellness products are incredibly popular for this reason; people seeking different options that may be able to help them manage a particular concern or improve their wellbeing in some way. I recently came across colloidal silver, historically used to strengthen the immune system and destruction of bacteria and viruses, and today it is still believed to offer a host of benefits.

So, what is it? 

Colloidal silver is a suspension of pure silver particles in a liquid medium such as distilled water. However, not all colloidal silver products are the same; true colloidal silver is a specialised form of colloidal silver that contains a higher concentration of silver particles compared to its counterparts. 

While traditional colloidal silver typically contains between 50 to 80 percent silver particles, true colloidal silver boasts an impressive 95 percent particle content. In short, it has a unique composition and exceptional properties.

The rich amber hue of true colloidal silver is a result of the larger particles effectively blocking light from passing through the solution

Companies such as Nature’s Greatest Secret are committed to offering the finest quality Colloidal Silver products, with great choice and the best value. They use medical-grade equipment in their production process, which ensures a well-regulated and consistent ionic and colloidal solution.

You can find colloidal silver used in formulations including; 10ppm solutions, 20ppm solutions, Amber solutions, Pet solutions, Soothing Gels, Shampoos, Deodorants, Creams etc.

Colloidal silver, with its abundant silver particle content, is primarily known for its ability to target and combat infections. The silver particles interact with pathogens, disrupting their cellular processes and rendering them inactive. This makes true colloidal silver an effective choice for addressing specific health issues caused by bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

Furthermore, colloidal silver does not interfere with other medicines that may be being taken. Inside the body, silver forms no toxic compounds nor reacts with anything other than a pathogens oxygen-metabolising enzyme.

As consumers, understanding the differences between these silver-based solutions and their applications is important so we can make informed decisions that align with our health and wellness goals.


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