Monday, 28 January 2013

Baby's first wardrobe

Everyone loves buying baby clothes. What's cuter than buying a pair of teeny tiny trainers, so,e cute little dungarees or a funny character hat? Nothing if you ask me!

As soon as we knew little bean was on the way, we couldn't resist looking at baby clothes and it's still hard not to buy everything that makes us go 'aww!'.

It took me a while to work out what a baby actually wears. Sounds a little silly but really, it's a question that's hard to find an answer to as everyone and every shop call the same thing a different name. For a mum-to-be it can be confusing to know what's what but I think we have the basics covered now. Not knowing the sex of baby makes it difficult to buy proper outfits but we have plenty of bodysuits, vests and sleep suits, including short and long sleeve plus sizes tiny baby upwards.

We're thinking that once baby is born it'll be a lot easier to buy outfits and anticipate this is what a lot of people will like to buy as a gift. Having been around all the high street shops, it seems to me that boys clothing is so much more varied compared to baby girls. It just seems more fun whereas girls seem to be limited to pink and florals. I always thought a little girl would be more fun to dress but it seems that boys clothes are very cool indeed.

One things for sure though- our baby is going to probably wear Disney or themed character clothing (where they're dressed like a bear, for example) for at least the first year if our current purchases are anything to go by...


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Being crafty

I've always been interested in art and crafty things - it was my main passion at school but I just didn't know where it could take me or of I'd have the patience and commitment to turn it into a full time career.

So, I studied media and went into PR and love what I do. But I still like to let my creative side out when I'm not too tired and have an idea in my head. In fact, in April last year, I had a week off where I made two foot stools, two scrabble picture frames, painted some old items and made some brooches for gifts.

I've been making my own cards for a while now and my friends have said to me I should try selling them on eBay or something but I never thought they were that special, plus items like cards, to make well, cost quite a bit in terms of materials so in terms of 'making money', there's only so much people will pay.

However, with bubs on the way, I wanted a little project to keep my mind busy and to potentially make a few pennies so I started looking at craft fairs in the area. I've booked my first stall - Krafts by Kelly- for this Saturday at Lichfield Guildhall and will be selling a range of cards, including Valentine's, Mother's Day and Easter, plus hanging decorations, such as fabric hearts, wicker hearts, wooden word signs etc, and button frames and canvases (I am a little obsessed with hearts and buttons!).

Here's a couple of snaps of some of the things I'll be selling. It's cost a bit to get everything I need and to pay for the table but hope if it goes well, I can do this once a month even on maternity leave and make a little money at the same time as doing something I love. Wish me luck!


Thursday, 10 January 2013

23 weeks

Baby is saying hello more and more this week and I can see a pattern of their movements. It still gives me a shock when I get a big kick but it's a wonderful, unusual and crazy feeling.

I think bubs even had hiccups the other day! Hubs also thought he felt a ripple across my tummy which was really nice. Still feeling well and doing my best to rest this week. Work is crazy this month with lots of meetings, new leads and new projects to get off the ground which is great - just trying to keep my stress levels in check and make sure I enjoy some me time. Hubs also went back to work in Leeds this week so getting into our usual work routine again.

Say hello to bump, aged 23 weeks...


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Bump

First pic of bump in 2013, at 22 weeks.

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