Monday 22 September 2014

Me and Mine - September 2014

If you've been following my contributions to the #MySundayPhoto linky, you'll know how difficult I have been finding taking a photo of Ethan lately. From an early age, he loved having his photo taken it seemed and we're very fortunate to have so many great photos of our photogenic boy (yes, I'm biased, but boy is he gorgeous!) but recently, he seems to know what we're doing and doesn't want to play ball.

So, following on from our JuneJuly and August Me and Mine family portraits, here's our snap for September. Typically, Ethan isn't cooperating and is looking away, but still, it's the three of us in one place, at one time - a time that I would like to record and remember.

It was taken at our wedding venue when we revisited it for lunch on our anniversary and I think it's a nice natural photo of the three of us.

dear beautiful

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  1. Kids definitely hit an annoying stage of not playing ball with the camera... Don't they know their blogger mummies NEED photos of them?!?! It's still a lovely photo of you all, even with him not looking, and how nice that you could go back to your wedding venue to celebrate your anniversary, that's so special. x


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