Wednesday 29 October 2014

A letter from Lapland

Oh, Christmas. I'm allowed to say that word now, right? It's almost November and the shops do have their Christmas decorations and gifts out on the shelves after all...

In fairness, this isn't my first Christmas related post of 2014 and I dare say it won't be my last either. I've already written about where the man in red will be in the Midlands this festive season - I've done the hard work so you don't have to - and no doubt as my Christmas crafts and preparations get underway (I've already completed my present shopping, #sorrynotsorry), I'll be sharing more ideas and updates with you.

Last year, it was Ethan's first Christmas and I wanted to make it as magical as possible. We have our family traditions that we want to enjoy each year and part of the magic for Ethan that we want to create involves sending a letter to Santa.

He may not be able to write, or even hold a pen for that matter, but Ethan wrote a letter to Santa last year with a little help from me.

And he received a reply.

We were in time for the Post Office service and the card we were sent in return was a nice keepsake but this year, I've found something even better.

For a really personal touch, there's a special place where you can arrange for a customised letter to be sent to your child from Father Christmas in the lead up to December 25th.

The Lapland Mailroom lends Santa a helping hand by sending letters to children all over the world and this year, Ethan is one of them.

On the website, you can choose from four different letter templates - one for baby's first Christmas and three which suit children of all ages - and you can add in your own details to make the letter personal to your child. You can put in the names of special people in their lives, you can mention what your child wants for Christmas and if there's a reason why they deserve to be on Santa's 'good' list, you can put that in as well. Each letter is worded in a different way so you can choose which one you like best, add in your personal additions and then off your letter goes, ready to be sent from the mailroom.

Letters start to leave the Lapland Mailroom on 1st December and you can opt for next day delivery too, with letters due to arrive the next day, if ordered before 2pm.

Run by a husband and wife team, the Lapland Mailroom is easy to use and the letters are a simple but sentimental idea that helps busy mums and dads to add a touch of magic to their children's' Christmas celebrations.

These unique letters look great and for £7.95 they're good value too as they come with an activity pack to keep your little elves busy, including colour-in Christmas cards, 'Santa stop here' poster, door hanger and Christmas tree decoration plus an Elf Yourself activity sheet.

And if you're quick, you can also receive a 'Nice Child certificate' for free (priced at £2.95 usually).

I know Ethan is still a little young to fully appreciate all the little details but I will do them all just the same so we can look back and show him what we did to celebrate at this time of year. Small touches such as these letters can really add to the magic of it all and they're a fun, and affordable, way of recording memories that you and your child will look back on one day with a big smile on your face.

* Thank you to the lovely people at Lapland Mailroom for letting us try their letter service for the purposes of this review. Ethan's letter is tucked away safe until December and you can order yours now before his elves get busy. 

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