Monday 27 October 2014

My mini Cath Kidston splurge

There's a few things that I really enjoy above all others. You know, a few shops or places that you always enjoying going to and always find something you want.

For me, those places include Pandora, Paperchase, Next, Starbucks and, perhaps most of all, Cath Kidston.

I love everything about Cath. The bold, fun prints, the modern vintage clothes, the cute kids accessories, the beautiful homewares. I can spend hours wandering around, finding something on every table and every display that I'd like to take away with me.

Ever since I went to the Craft bloggers meet up in Nottingham at the start of the year and had a sneak peek at how Cath chooses new prints, I've regularly kept an eye out for the new designs and products and often posted about what I've found, including her brilliant prints for boys and my pick of the new prints.

This season, there's some fab new prints, naturally, including townhouses - which has also been used within a lot of the Christmas 2014 collection combined with the ever popular stars print - the new mews floral prints in navy and red plus a festive twist on her London and Stanley Dog prints too. The clocks, autumn bloom, London buses and 'stop that thief' prints are still to be found and, in many cases, they're in a sale at the moment too.

So, how could I resist picking up a few things when I went in at the weekend?

When it comes to prints, I don't go for matchy-matchy - I like to try and get a little something from all the prints I like for a more eclectic look.

First of all, I was keen to snap up the mews print jewellery roll, as whenever I go away, I never have anything to pop my jewellery into plus this print is super cute and the fabric has a nice shimmer to it. It's also presented in a beautiful pink box, which will certainly find a use somewhere else.

I also picked up a clocks mirror for just £2 (always handy to have) and decided to swap my current CK purse for a slimmer version which is mainly for cards but has a small change pocket at the back. I chose the ditsy mews print again but in navy and this was also in the sale for just £14.

The main thing however I wanted to get in the sale was a dress. I've always admired them but have never bought a Cath Kidston dress before but having fallen in love with the red clocks print a few months ago, when I saw it had 40% off, I just couldn't think of a reason not to buy it. So I did. And it's beautiful and no doubt it won't be the last I buy (although not for a while!).

To match, I also grabbed the black happy hour clocks purse. It's in a heavier material and I'm planning on using it as a clutch but it would also be great as a make up bag.

Before we left, we also treated our dog to a new bed. His old one had seen better days and now we have removed one of our sofas, which he used to sit on, we felt he needed somewhere comfy to sleep. And the fab comic book style dog print was just perfect and looks great in our dining room - it even got the cat's seal of approval!



  1. I'm a big fan of Cath Kidston too! I could spend so much money in there. Oh my gosh your dogs new bed - too cute! ;)

    Alex x

  2. i have heard alot about these hun they look lovely !!! awesome blog x


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