Wednesday 31 December 2014

My hopes for 2015

It took some time to write my '2014 in review post', looking back at everything I have done this past year and reflecting on the different things I have blogged about. It was a nice thing to do and it really helped me to appreciate exactly what I have done, what I've achieved and the memories we've made.

Sometimes it's all too easy to forget and it's just another reason why I love having this corner of the web to call my own - so I don't forget. The small things or the big things. The silly things or the things that really matter.

Last year, I wrote a post about my hopes for 2014 and reading this back, some I have been successful in making come true and others still need a bit of work. Like all New Years' resolutions I guess.

In no particular order, here's what I'm hoping for in 2015:

* Making more of an effort to do more for myself and to take better care of myself - simple things each day can make a difference, be it eating better, getting more active, making time for hobbies other than just watching TV, treating my psoriasis regularly to try and keep it at bay etc...

* Blog because I want to blog and not worry about the rest - every month when the Tots100 scores come out, I always see people commenting about how they don't understand how the rankings are calculated and they're disappointed with how their blog has been 'judged' despite their best efforts. I see this and I understand this but I also understand that the reason I blog is for me (as a hobby, to share my interests and to meet like-minded people I wouldn't otherwise have the chance to meet) and for my family (to document our lives, the ordinary and the extraordinary, and keep a record of Ethan's childhood for us, our family and our friends to enjoy). It's also for other mamas who are looking for a friendly chat or a bit of support, as we all need this from time to time and blogging is one way you can make these connections. It's hard not to feel disheartened when cold, hard stats don't seem to support everything you've poured your heart and soul into but really, they don't matter. You can only be you and you're the best you there is (I'm sure that's something from Dr Seuss or something!).

* Take time to enjoy the little moments, not just wait for the big ones or live with 'maybe one day' in mind

* Talk more, to friends and family, who I don't get to see very often but who mean the world to me

* Enjoy Ethan's second birthday, spoil him silly but don't get too worried about all the details 

I'm sure there's a few other, more specific things I could add, but that's the general jist of it all. I'm very happy with my little life and I just need to take more time to appreciate it, myself and those around me. 

Here's to a happy New Year for us all. Let's make it a goodun'!

What are your hopes for 2015?

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