Thursday 1 January 2015

My letter to Ethan - at 20 months and the start of a new year

Hi bubs

Happy New Year!

I have
 to start with a small apology as I missed writing you a letter at 19 months. Let's just say that Christmas got in the way - we've had such a busy month!

Since I last wrote to you, we've been to so many places and seen so many people. We went away to a cottage in Yorkshire with your Godparents and co. and had our annual early Christmas celebration. You we
re given a Happyland pirate ship and lots of other things too so you were very happy indeed. You also started walking properly, without holding on, whilst we were away and in next to no time, you were confident on your feet and decided that crawling was just so not worth it any more.

Over the past month, your walking has grown stronger and stronger. You like to hold our hand if you want to go somewhere, saying 'hand?' in such a cute way, otherwise you're off like a shot on your own. If you're wearing shoes, you clip clop along, really pronouncing your steps and sometimes you look like a little drunk in the way you stumble or quickly pull yourself back if you feel yourself losing your balance.

So, walking is the big new thing and just like the past couple of months, your talking is really coming along too. You're starting to not only say new words - trousers, potato, 'K!' (to say you're OK) and biddits (meaning biscuits) - you're also starting to understand meanings more and even start putting two words together. For instance, you've started saying things like 'Mama? Tea! Go!' whilst pointing at the lounge door (yep, you like to boss us about now that you can tell us what you want!) or you'll say 'Amby, stairs!' pointing upwards, meaning your toy Lamb is upstairs in your bedroom. It's wonderful seeing you learn how to articulate what you mean orwant and you seem so happy when we do understand what you're saying.

You're still loving the word 'no' though and will say this quite a bit, even when there's no reason to at all. On the plus side, you've also started saying Mama and Mummy again, after seeming to have forgotten how for a few months, and you will call me or Daddy if we are out of sight or even sitting next to you for no apparent reason - you just like to call us and hear us reply. 

Your use of the word cuddle, or 'cuggle' as you say it, has also changed as you now know if you say it to us, we will pick you up and then and only then will you reveal your ulterior
 motive - you want us to take you upstairs / you want to steal the remote / you want another biddit.

You're such a little character and I often just sit and watch you playing, observing the changing looks on your face and almost seeing the cogs in your head turning as you make sense of things.

Christmas was a lot of fun for you this year - last year, you only just managed to learn how to sit up for yourself before the big day itself - and although you still don't know what it's all about, you've enjoyed it all the same, for the twinkly lights and tree decorations and the daily piece of chocolate from the advent calendar.

We've been to a farm, a safari park and on a magical journey, you've seen Santa five times (just to make sure he wouldn't forget you) and you've been to visit Gramps and Nanna too, who loved watching you waddle about.

You had a lovely Christmas at home with us and received lots of lovely gifts, which you've been playing with non-stop ever since.

It's amazing looking back on everything that's happened this year and how you've changed. You're 74cm tall, weigh just under 24lbs and your hair is ready for another trim for sure. You're happy and friendly to everyone you meet but you can also throw a strop at a moment's notice and for no reason, plus you're weird about your feet and not being able to move them / having something covering them. 

You want to know more and do more and I can only imagine what little boy will be before me this time next year.

Thank you for a wonderful year little man. You make Daddy and I so proud and we love to share you with our friends and family and show you off as you are a little superstar and great fun to be around.

Here's to 2015, the year you will turn two and a year that I'm sure will be full of more fun, milestones and memories.

I love you to the moon and back Ethan.

Mama xx


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  1. He is so adorable - I can't wait to see how he grows in 2015.

    Lizzie Dripping


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