Wednesday 6 January 2016

Cath Kidston preview & S/S 16 collection

I popped into Cath Kidston a couple of times over the Christmas break (so unlike me, I know), first to meet the CK Santa and again to partake in the sales.

When is Cath at its best? When there's an up to half price sale on (I snapped up two skirts, including one I had been after all year, a top plus a new handbag, all of which were discounted again following my initial trip on Boxing Day) and when the new season lines start to come through.

The preview collection arrived just a few days before Christmas in store and there's lots in store to be excited about.

Having been given a cheeky flick through the planned launches for the three Spring/Summer phases, I can report that there's plenty of exciting prints and new products ahead.

There's a real emphasis on fresh new season colours, with cornflower blue being a real signature it seems. There's some new floral takes and the polka dot is on the comeback with a few bright and breezy new options that look particularly gorge on the multiway handbags.

There's a lovely bold swallow style print on a couple of items including a dress, skirt and scarf and there's also a cheeky new print coming featuring friendly garden gnomes. Love!

If you like the quirkier side of Cath, then you'll probably like the reinvention of some past prints. The guards design now features three different figures to update this pattern, I've spied a multi transport print for boys and as with last year, it seems there's a lot that's familiar but with a new twist.

What I'm particularly excited about is the new line of handbags set to come through, teased ever so slightly on Instagram a short while ago. The leather and embellished tote introductions of late have gone down really well and it seems that further more premium options are going to be available soon, with embossed logos as opposed to the iconic stitched label.

From the glance I've had at what's coming up, there's new product types and beautiful colours and prints guaranteed to lift your spirits this new season.

As ever, I can't wait!



  1. I love catch kidston kitchenware. If it wasn't for lack of space in my cupboards I'd be there every week!

    1. Hello fellow early riser! I would too - that and the fact I'd be penniless ;)

  2. It all looks so tempting! I meant to pop there in the sales, too, but never made it. I really want a gnome mug now! x


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