Monday 11 January 2016

Meal planning #1

One of the big changes I'm trying to make is to plan our meals more, to save money, cut waste and just make sure we eat more good stuff.

If I plan a big shop before I do one, I'll actually make use of things already in the cupboards, not buy just any old thing that takes my fancy and make sure we have breakfast and lunch options too so we a) eat three meals a day and b) don't go and spend a ton on lunches whilst at work, and usually eat the wrong thing.

If I plan it, I do it and I'm less tempted to hit the vending machine. A bit less. 

I like seeing what other people are making and the meals they plan for new inspiration and to also see how people make the most of their ingredients. I'm trying to be more creative and think of new ways of making meals, peeking up salads, using as much fresh food for as many meals as possible and for bulking up dishes without dishing out carbs all the time (more on this later this week). 

Here's a look at what we'll be making this week. I'd say it cost around £50-55 for all the ingredients mentioned, excluding anything like garlic or soy sauce that I already have in the cupboard.


* Banana, peanut butter with seeds, oats and almond milk smoothies

* Greek style fat free yoghurt, honey and mixed berries - plus some goji berries on top

* Veggie scrambled eggs on seeded toast (at the weekend)


* Tuna (I love the no drain flavour pots from John West), wheatberries/quinoa/ chickpeas with mixed chopped salad veg (sweetcorn, cucumber, peppers, spring onions)

* Cooked turkey, cauli rice/cous cous, wilted asparagus and broccoli 

* Pitta salad - diced salad veggies, chick peas and shredded pitta with falafel 

* All with a little salad dressing pot - Dijon mustard, balsamic and olive oil is rather tasty


* Turkey stir fry with mixed veg and wholegrain rice/quinoa mix

* Chicken thighs with butternut squash and chunky cut veg (courgettes, peppers, onions) with a peri peri glaze

* Salmon fillets with risotto and greens

* Turkey mince chilli con carne, with cauli rice

* Mackerel with new potato salad

* Chickpea and butter bean curry, again with cauli rice or alternative 

I like to write everything down, including use by dates, then work out how they combine together but sometimes I'll just go with the flow and make something up as I go along (ok, I do this most of the time).

Do let me know in the comments below if you've shared your meal plans - always looking for new ideas! 

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  1. What a great meal plan. Everything sounds delicious and so healthy!


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