Tuesday 18 July 2017

Mini lounge makeover part 1 - with a Harry Potter feature wall!

So, I may love the Harry Potter books, films and world and I may have the Deathly Hallows symbol tattooed on my arm, and we may have called one of our new rabbits Gryffin, but I'm not a complete fanatic - I just love the magical wizarding world, like I'm sure many of you do too.

That being said, with the updates we have just added to our yellow and grey themed lounge following the big makeover last year, you might not believe me...

It all started with a lovely email from the friendly people at Posterlounge - a great online site that specialises in (you guessed it) posters, and canvas prints, in a choice of sizes to suit the space you have, on a whole host of themes from art and film to music and motivational quotes.

They asked if there was anything I might like to review and that's where I quickly became obsessed... I discovered really quirky versions of the film posters for Harry Potter, where the essence of the film is captured through a number of icons. The minimalist design was clever and eye-catching, and I've always liked alternative art like this as it's fun and playful. Of course, I couldn't just choose one of the film posters from the franchise, so I quickly added all eight to my basket and thought I'd work out where to put them later (possibly going up the side of the stairs). A trip to Ikea for frames would be needed!
Just before they arrived in the post, all the way from Germany where Posterlounge is based (but don't worry, there's a UK based website too, plus it's free delivery), it was my birthday and, well, hubs had gone for a theme. You've guessed it! He bought me a special print from the Pottermore store of Snape and a doe with the line 'After all this time? Always.' which Potter fans will instantly recognise as a pivotal part of the story, and something I personally love. It's the romantic in me.

Our feature wall before - I liked it, but there was a lot of blank space

This print was lovely and I wanted to find the perfect spot. Knowing I had the bold posters coming from Posterlounge, I decided to dedicate a wall in our lounge to all things Potter. It seems I have a fair few things that could tie into this theme. One of my friends sent me a Harry Potter post pack, complete with Hogwarts seal and a Marauders Map, and I actually worked with a prop maker from the films and he sent me a genuine student wand that was used along with a plaque and coins from Gringotts bank. Add in my illustrated books and my HP collection is actually quite big!

After picking up some frames, we decided that the big wall where my clipboards used to hang would be the best spot. I liked the clipboard display but as the wall is a big blank space, it never felt finished. We also decided to add a picture rail on the other wall, above the sofa, because I have always liked this look and I thought it would be a great way to display some of my favourite picture books and other nic nacs. More on this to follow in another post soon...!

Anyways, back to the main wall. With some carefully measurements and patience, hubs hung up the new frames 2 x 2 on the left, with my Snape print in the middle, then 2 x 2 on the right to create balance. I couldn't wait for the posters to arrive to complete the look.

They came in a postal tube and I was so pleased with them - not just the design, but the quality of the print and paper. Each one measures 30cm x 40cm (although you can opt for larger sizes too) and were priced at £8.90 each. For something like this, as a big feature / focal point, I think that's a good price and with a £2.50 frame from Ikea, the finished hangings really make an impact.

What do you think?

I'm really pleased with how our new feature wall looks and it does make a real difference. I felt that the space was a little wasted before and I'm enjoying looking up at these prints each evening - and particularly like how the yellow accents marry perfectly with the adjacent yellow wall and other features already in our lounge.

I love the selection of prints available from Posterlounge and my picks don't just finish here. Stay tuned for my mini lounge makeover part 2, where I'll reveal our new picture rail, additional Harry Potter features and touches plus three additional posters I picked out to complete our living room update perfectly.

* Thank you to Posterlounge for the movie poster prints - all opinions are my own.


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