Friday 19 July 2019

Four of my faves for this summer

Ah, summer. Sun filled days, floaty maxi dresses and maybe a Pimms or two. What's not to love? My birthday is at the start of July and it's always been a great excuse to treat myself, so I thought I'd share a few things I am loving right now when it comes to style and beauty.
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1. Summer skin

The arrival of some sunshine (if we're lucky) is the chance to show off a little more skin, and I just love the Wet Skin Moisture range from Sanctuary Spa for a quick and light way to make my skin a bit softer and to tackle dryness.

I can be quite lazy with body moisturisers, but with my sensitive skin and any overexposure to the sun, and I need to up my game. It's a bit of a treat that you apply to wet skin straight after your shower and it will absorb almost instantly, so dry as normal and you’re good to go. 

It's best kept in your shower and is faster absorbing and quicker to use than a regular lotion. Wet Skin Moisture Miracle is scented with their iconic Signature fragrance (which I love, plus it's also available uplifting floral White Lily & Damask Rose and invigorating citrus Green Lemon & Orange Blossom (personal fave for this time of year).

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2. Summer scent

I have yet to find my signature scent, but for a really affordable and slightly exotic smelling spritz, I find I can't go wrong with Next fragrances and Paradise is just perfect for summer days. Here's the scent description: 'sparkling lemon and fruity apple fused with floral rose, black pepper and elegant woods. The fresh essence of lemon has been cultivated in southern Italy for centuries, it is undeniably invigorating and has been popular since ancient times for aromatherapy benefits. Moroccan rose has a deep rich floral aroma that is feminine and sensual. An essential ingredient in perfumery, rose is steeped in history and Greek mythology tells us that it was Aphrodite who gave the rose its name.'

3. Hairbands and scarves

Hair accessories are everywhere right now and as someone who seldom styles their hair, beyond a wave or curl, this is great news as I can now change up my look a little by adding a chunky oversized slide or a headband or scarf.

I particularly like headbands that are covered with knotted scarf material; Primark is full of them at the moment, for around £2, and I have picked them up in every colour and even leopard print for a quick style update.

4. Layered necklaces

I am a BIG fan of jewellery, there's no doubt about it. I have staple pieces I wear every day, like two inscribed sterling silver bands with my two son's names and birth dates on, and of course my engagement, wedding and eternity rings.

I am rarely without a necklace, too, and a look that's also hot right now and oh so summer in vibe is the layered necklace. I like jewellery that tells a story and I fell in love with the beautiful pendants and trinket style necklaces from Daisy London that I could have nabbed the whole lot. There's some lovely summery themed styles, including fossil starfishes and sunburst shapes, which are just stunning for this season, and they are all fantastic for layering up.

I chose two necklaces to do just that with. First, to be worn shorter and nearer the neck, is the Amazonite healing stone necklace in sterling silver (£69). I loved the aqua shade of the stone and was interested to learn more: 'the serene turquoise hue of Amazonite is said to soothe the senses and calm the soul. Thought to bring balance and peace to the wearer, Amazonite is the perfect stone to help settle anxiety or nervousness.'

I really love the bobble detailing on this chain, which adds extra interest and contrast when worn with another plainer chain.

The second Daisy London chain I picked is the Solar Plexus Chakra sterling silver necklace (£69). I really love the design and think this makes a statement whilst at the same time being quite delicate and feminine. 'The Solar Plexus Chakra is emotionally connected with personal power, self-confidence, and the ability to have self-control and strives towards self-definition.'

These two necklaces are full of meaning and work so well paired together. I've worn them with t-shirts but also with a v-neckline dress; the style goes great with pretty prints and floaty midi dresses. My staple for summer, for sure!

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