Monday 26 August 2019

5 Essential Items For Your Baby's Nursery

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Nine months flies by when you are expecting a baby! And between all those antenatal check-ups, scans, painting the nursery and reading up on babycare, it can feel like there's precious little time to buy all the essentials you're going to need. 

It's best to get yourself prepared early though, as you never know when the little bundle will arrive, and last minute panics when you're heavily pregnancy, aren't much fun! 

So, here, in order of importance, are our picks for the five most important items every baby’s nursery should have:

1. Somewhere For Your Baby To Sleep

First and foremost, you need a place for your new arrival to sleep. There are plenty of places to look but rather than trudging around getting swollen ankles, why not look for a cot in an online store like Small Smart. Shopping online means less hassle, and less expense too as you can compare all the prices and get the best deals, in your own time without any pressure from pushy sales assistants. 

2. Bedding To Keep Your Baby Snug and Safe

Don’t forget the bedding for your new cot. You’ll need a baby sleeping bag, and blankets but no pillows until baby is at least one. Cot bumpers are a nice touch too; just make sure you get one that's designed for a newborn and is sleep-safe.

3. A Secure Place To Change Your Baby

For many new parents, a changing table seems like an unnecessary luxury, but it really is essential if you want an easier life. Not only is it a much better on your back because you don't have to lean over or twist uncomfortably to change nappies in inconvenient places. But most changing tables have in-built storage so that everything you need is where you can reach it. 


4. Muslin Squares

Muslin squares are another essential that are so often overlooked by people before they have a baby, but which become a firm 'how did I live without them?' item after your baby arrives. Great for everything from mopping baby's mouth during feeding, to catching spillages when burping, as well as swaddling, and using as comfort rags. Invest in organic cotton or bamboo ones for added softness on baby's skin.

5. A Mobile to Help Your Baby Sleep

Finally, ensure there is a mobile over your baby’s cot. They are wonderful ways to help soothe your baby to sleep or for distracting little one they're upset and crying. However, before you jump into buying one that plays the same few nursery rhymes over and over again, shop around and look for alternatives. Many mobiles now come with the soothing sounds of nature as well as white and pink noise that can calm even the most hard-to-settle baby, which makes them well worth the investment.

Wrapping Everything Up

There are, of course, plenty of other items for baby's nursery and you'll no doubt find your own favourites. But get the essentials in place early, and you're all ready for baby whenever he or she chooses to make an entrance!


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