Wednesday 6 November 2019

Staying In A Rural Holiday Cottage In Sussex

Planning a holiday is for a lot of people the thing that they look forward to all year. With all the stresses of everyday life, people need the time to unwind and relax. Sorting out a holiday and having something to look forward to can do a world of good.

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However, holidays are an expensive prospect and not everybody has the money to spare on booking a trip away. This is especially the case considering the current economic climate in the UK and the damning effects of the Brexit drama. Because of this people have to save now more than they ever did. Nevertheless, this does not mean that people can’t set away a little bit of cash to have some fun.

One of the most popular places to go to is Sussex. There are so many beautiful and scenic places in the area, with lots of culture and history to boast. There are fantastic seaside locations, beautiful rural areas, and some altogether picturesque towns to choose from. Sussex is such a great option because there is something for all ages and all tastes; this means that it is a place that families, couples, friends and even those who want to get away on their own can enjoy.

When going on holiday it is obviously very important to carefully consider the accommodation that is available. After all, this plays a massive role in determining whether a holiday is good or not. There are lots of different types of accommodation available in Sussex and this means that there is something to suit all. Nevertheless, a lot of people tend to prefer the cottages which make up the majority of the self-catering accommodation in Sussex. The arrays of cottages available are homely and quaint. They differ in size, facilities, and price and thus there is something that is suited to all tastes and all budgets.

There are many reasons why Sussex is one of the most popular counties in the whole of the UK. It is a place that has an extremely interesting history. From the various castles to the array of fascinating museums on offer, you can truly get lost in the story of this location. If that wasn’t enough, Sussex has a wealth of varied activities for people to enjoy. From shopping to racing – there is something for all ages and all personalities. Of course, let’s not ignore the fact that Sussex is located on the coast and thus spending a day lazing on the beach and looking at the clear blue waters is more than possible. Nevertheless, what truly makes Sussex shine against all other areas is its spectacular landscape. The scenery will truly take your breath away. If you are someone who appreciates nature, Sussex is the place for you. 

When taking a trip to Sussex, you should definitely make the effort to stay in one of the excellent rural holiday cottages that are available. You will have plenty to choose from and these offer a much better stay than a hotel or a B&B. This is the only way you will be able to really take advantage of Sussex’s beauty. After all, the cottages are located right in the heart of the countryside and thus all you will need to do is look out of your window to witness the magical landscapes. Most of the hotels and B&Bs tend to be situated in busy town and city centres. Whilst you may want to visit these locations, can you honestly say you would want to reside there? You are likely to be located on a busy main road and thus noise is something you should anticipate. However, by staying in the rural areas of Sussex you can be at one with nature and have a truly relaxing and even therapeutic vacation.

Nevertheless, the abundance of stunning scenery at your disposal is not the only reason you should consider staying in a rural holiday cottage when visiting Sussex. You will also have a much more enjoyable stay. These cottagers are undoubtedly going to be more spacious than a hotel room would be. If that wasn’t enough, they all boast traditional d├ęcor and furniture. This provides you with a level of comfort you would not be able to find anywhere else. If that wasn’t enough, you are also likely to benefit from a large garden. This is ideal for those who are visiting Sussex with children or those who simply want to enjoy a nice barbecue or glass of wine in the sunshine. 

In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, if you take a look on the Internet you will find that rural holiday cottages are the cheapest option when it comes to Sussex accommodation. If you stay in a hotel you are going to be charged per night and per room. In some instances, you can even be charged per head. However, when it comes to a holiday cottage you will be quoted an outright price for the entire week. This does not change depending on the number of people staying in the cottage. You may need to pay for the cottage upfront though, whereas some hotels allow you to pay when you get there. Companies like Buddy Loans can assist with this. You will borrow the funds and then pay them back on a monthly payment scheme. 

And let’s not ignore the privacy and freedom you will benefit from as well. When staying in a hotel you are restricted to their dining times, you have to be mindful of other guests and so on and so forth. If you are someone who just likes to go with the flow, this will drive you mad. Luckily, with a holiday cottage, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You are free to explore Sussex as and when you please.


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