Friday 28 January 2022

3 Top Tips For Reviving Tired Interiors

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Sometimes, you cannot help but feel completely fed up with how your interiors look. The very things that seemed to spruce up your living spaces now appear to look drab and gloomy. When this happens, nothing in your interiors makes you feel light-hearted or look forward to staying home. Indeed, there are 20,000 interior decorators in the UK, and you can find one to help improve your space. However, these are things you can handle to recreate vibrancy.

  1. Paint the walls

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It might seem like a cliché when people are advised to paint their interior walls to create vibrancy in their homes. As boring as this may appear to you, a renewed paint job allows your walls to have the liveliness they once had. However, to get it right, you first need to know what shade to paint the interior walls. For example, if the walls are originally beige, you may want to stick with the same hue or opt for a shade deeper than before. 

Furthermore, in choosing a shade, learning a little about colour effects on mood is recommended. For example, if you choose to paint your rooms red, you may find them a bit too warm and vibrant in no time. Therefore, it would help if you used different hues for different rooms, depending on what the latter is used for. Painting walls is an art, and if you cannot do it yourself, you might need a professional. 

  1. Change outdated light fixtures

Outdated light fixtures may look dull, collect dust and fail to illuminate the space as brightly as they used to. Fortunately, light fixtures are one of the few things that can immediately infuse personality into rooms. Before choosing one, however, it helps to know that light fixtures come in various designs meant for different purposes. For instance, dining room light fixtures are regarded as statement pieces. This is why many dining rooms have decorative lights and chandeliers.

If your focus is the bedroom, you may want to blend low and bright illumination. For example, bedside lamps are usually not too bright and are ideal for the bedroom. Meanwhile, ceiling light fixtures can provide better illumination should you require them. You can also complement the look of refurbished kitchens with modern light fixtures. Meanwhile, in choosing your lighting, remember to go with designs that blend with the overall theme in the home. For example, vintage lighting in a contemporary styled interior may be a complete mismatch.

  1. Redo window treatments with a stylish twist

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According to interior decorators, window treatments make up 50% of the entire appeal of interior space. They can provide presence, and style, elongate the room and offer occupants privacy when done well. Usually, one of the first few elements your guests see when they visit are the windows and how appealing treatments look. Fabric panels, shutters, draperies, etc., are necessary additions, but that will also depend on your preferences.

There are ways to work around tired interiors, and whether you choose to purchase new accessories or not will depend on you.


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