Wednesday 21 January 2015

It's gonna be a bright, bright Spring/Summer thanks to Cath Kidston

I have a slight addiction. To pretty things, to stationery but, in particular, to Cath Kidston. Her cheery prints, bold designs and modern take on the vintage look have well and truly captured my heart.

I've long since longed to have CK related things but it's been the past year or so that I have started to build my collection and with every new season and every new launch, my love, and addiction, only grows stronger.

I like adding pieces from across the prints that catch my eye - be it a pen in one design or a skirt in another. I prefer eclectic rather than matchy-matchy.

Last season, there was many a piece that caught my eye and most of these designs were, and still are, in the sale but it's a new year and this week saw a breath of fresh air breeze through the stores and across the website as the new Spring/Summer collection landed.

And, as a CK fan, it's just breathtaking.

As excited as a kid at Christmas, I was quick to discover the new prints Cath would be bringing in and as soon as they launched, I was online, pouring over my favourite prints and even checking out my local CK concession to visit some of the new pieces in person. Yes, visit. I'm that sad.

So, what do you need to know?

Well, there's a lot to enjoy in the new collection and I really believe there's something for everyone, whether you're a bit modern vintage obsessed like me or if you just like a nice floral pattern now and then.

There's an incredible 13 - yes 13! - new prints to enjoy across bags, fashion and homeware. There's two real stand-out designs in my opinion - Clouds and Paradise Florals - but also because they are featured across the most products so clearly Cath thinks they'll be winners too.

My top Cloud print picks:

My top Paradise Florals picks:

There's also Spots and Dots, Patchwork Spot and Hearts for those partial to polka dot prints, then Cranham, Rainbow Rose, Painted Daisy and River Daisy for floral fans, plus Farm, River and Beacon View for those who like her more quirky, feature designs and a very different print, Wicker, for those who perhaps prefer a simpler, classic look.

There's also Ric Rac which features as an accent on products across some of the other new patterns and again offers a really different look for CK and it's one of my favourite this season.

My pick of the rest of the new prints:

The whole Spring/Summer collection feels so fresh and has me yearning for sunshine and picnics. I snapped up a couple of things pre-Christmas when some of the new prints were first teased and then my rather lovely husband surprised me with the Cloud dress I had been dreaming of...



  1. LOVE the tins! May have those in my online bag now haha. I love the cloud print, as you already know! There's such gorgeous stuff isn't there. xx


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