Monday 9 March 2015

The week that was #7

It was quite a packed week on here last week, with Ethan's new book caddy and Sooty DVD, my latest letter to Ethan at 22 months, my attempts at being better with my diet and Mother's Day inspiration from Debenhams Flowers (including a special discount for all you lovely people out there) and Teapigs.

So, what else is new?

DOING Last week, we were also getting used to having our old routine back, with hubs starting a new job meaning Wednesday's are just Mummy and Ethan days again. We had a really nice day together and I managed to get lots of things done around the house and things ticked off my to do list (which always makes me feel good) as well as making time for play.

I'd like to take Ethan swimming again soon when the weather is a little warmer - the changing rooms can get pretty cold!

We popped to my in-laws on Friday night for a Chinese takeaway as my father-in-law is away now in Texas for work so it was as good an excuse as any to get together. Ethan decided it was time that he sat in a big chair and we all watched Frozen (yep, again). 

We then had a quiet weekend, just us three. Ethan and I popped to the shops whilst hubs did a few chores on Saturday, I enjoyed some classic Sex and The City episodes whilst catching up on some blogging during nap time and we had our usual FaceTime call with my Dad on Sunday. Simple but really nice and relaxing. 

COOKING I'm trying to fill up my recipe card box so I dug out some old cookbooks and wrote up the recipes I'm keen to try - mainly from Jamie's back catalogue. I'm feeling much more inspired by my cooking so now I've got a good collection of recipes to refer to, I'm hoping to plan our weekly shops a bit better and try a few new things. 

WEARING My nails needed a bit of attention and the shift to Spring has had me longing for bright colours. I picked up this shade on a whim in Asda - it's from Rimmel and it's by Rita Ora. It's such a lovely bright pastel blue and even after doing a serious amount of washing up, I'm still chip free. Hurray!

LOVING Ive been lusting over the new additions coming to Cath Kidston, after someone in store showed me the new look book and the new catalogue arrived on my doorstep. It's not all available just yet but hopefully by pay day... I have my eye on a couple of things! Surprise, surprise.

LOOKING FORWARD TO We're visiting my parents for my Dad's birthday and Mother's Day (my second, I'm so excited) next weekend so I'm really looking forward to spending some time with them both and having the chance to show off all the new things Ethan can do since they last saw him a couple of months ago.

We're going to Ask on Sunday for a nice meal and I really want to get a photo of Ethan and I, as well as my Mum, as Ethan has a very cute outfit to wear and I really need a new profile pic as both Ethan and I look quite a bit different since the current one was taken!

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