Saturday 31 December 2016

2016 in review & hopes for 2017

It's the last day of 2016 and it has been a pretty big year for us as a family. I started it off with the best of intentions and a fresh positive outlook, and I have to say, 2016 was the year that counted and one where we achieved a lot and have a lot to be grateful for.

I started this year with some positive thinking and a determination to make it count. To enjoy the little things more, worry less and general be in more control of my life and the direction I was going in. And, whilst some things didn't go as far as they could have done, I have to say I did a pretty good job and I am proud of what I accomplished in 2016.

It hasn't been a year without its challenges and with any New Years' resolutions, however specific or general they may be, you have to take a big pinch of salt. Nothing will ever be exactly as you thought or hoped for. But the point is just to try. Try your best. Accept and enjoy the results. Try harder next time, but don't be too hard on yourself.

Reading my Happy 2016 post from the start of this year, I still agree with everything I said. The loose resolutions I set for myself are still ones that I want to strive for; I made a really good start this year and they're points that I want to continue working on for 2017.

I entered into 2016 with a particular mantra in mind: Good for you, not for me.

A simple statement but one that I have really tried my best to bear in mind and to give me the chance to enjoy what I have more, rather than concentrating on what I don't. Reading my post about my 2016 mantra, good for you, not for me, I feel inspired again to keep on this path and to not worry as much about the routes other people are taking, wrong turns I may have made or how I have stumbled at times. I want to continue with my happiness affirmations, using my rememberlutions jar to record moments big and small to be proud of.

I will remember 2016 as a year where four of our best friends got married in two weddings, and we were all an important part of their days. We spent seven months helping and building up to the celebrations, with hen dos to Liverpool, a spa, Benidorm and a vintage day out on the railway. We enjoyed each wedding day to the fullest and beamed to see our friends start their happily ever afters.

We've watched Ethan grow and can't believe how much fun he is now and just how much he knows.

We've made some real changes to our home and it has made the world of difference. Our lounge has had the most significant change, we redecorated the hall and our bedroom is so much more welcoming and 'us' now.

Hubs changed jobs and I made some huge changes professionally too. I made a huge leap and took a chance - a couple of chances in fact. I didn't know if I could. I didn't know if I could do it, if I should do it, if anyone would believe in me enough. But they did. And importantly, I did. I believed. I tried. And I have succeeded. Reflecting now on how I felt this time last year, and for the first few months of this year too, I really appreciate how far I have come. It was a big change for me to make and one that I didn't take lightly, but sometimes you have to take a leap. You have to decide that you don't have to accept the way things are; you can be more and do more and there will be people to help you to do just that. So I lept and I landed and I am so much happier for it. Even though my psoriasis still rages on, I have less stresses, worries and nagging voices in my head and I am so proud of myself. Hubs has always known I could do more, and I am glad that I listened to him and took a chance.

Life is about chances, so I hope to take more in 2017.

Because of my new direction, I've also been able to build this blog, my corner of the internet, and have taken it further than before. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had and for the connections I have made - so thank you for being here and for supporting me.

Here's to a 2017 we can all look forward to.

I am hoping for health and happiness for my little family and for all those we hold dear. I want to try and enjoy the moment and not live for tomorrow too much. It's good to have goals, and my diary planning and list-making will be stepping up a gear to make sure I am keeping myself motivated, but I know that I can put too much pressure on myself to be the best at too many things, and ending up feeling like the master of none.

I want to take the faith and the joy and the achievements of 2016 into the new year; I know myself better now, what I am capable of. And in 2017, I know I can enjoy just 'being' even more.



  1. I remember reading that post Kelly and being inspired by it. Wishing you every success in the new year, with love xx

    1. Thank you my lovely - a very happy New Year to your lovely family too xx


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