Sunday 31 December 2017

2017 in review

Like most people, I have been in a Christmas haze this past week - and gratefully so - enjoying some quality family time and balancing getting things done with having some much needed down time too.

2017 has been another year full of surprises and memories. There have been some tough times, times that feel like so very long ago now really, but for the most part, it has been a good year that has seen us achieve several things individually and together.

My blog has created even more exciting opportunities this year, and long may it continue (thank you to everyone who stops by to read my corner of the web) - but I haven't put too much pressure on myself and have tried to take things as they come. More on this in my post tomorrow...

So, what will I remember of 2017?

New challenges and opportunities with my blog.

New tattoos - a Russian doll on the back of my arm and a peony flower on the top of my left wrist.

Travelling to Alicante for a refreshing, and unexpected, early January break.

Our family holiday to Center Parcs in May - a place we really love to go.

Getting our two bunnies - Hudson and Gryffindor - in the summer.

Achieving my PGCERT and attending my graduation ceremony, with my Mum and Ste cheering from the rafters.

Visiting Hogwarts in the summer and taking Ethan for his first Harry Potter experience.

Ethan leaving preschool and starting school for the first time.

Vlogging more and working with some great brands on fun and interesting campaigns.

Booking our family trip to Disneyland Paris, which we leave for in two days time.

Here's my #2017bestnine on Instagram:




I wrote 196 posts this year - 197 including this one - and here's just a few of my favourite ones, in case you want to reminisce with me on the 12 months that have been 2017:


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